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  • He made some really bad comments in the heat of the moment, should have had the presence of mind to know better, but he is only human and considering who we're talking about (biggest hypocrite in the world, sorry, but he is) I have nothing but respect for him coming out the same day and retracting his comments.

    If he showed this class more often he would be alot more respected by rival fans. Well done Wenger, keep it up.

    Lets hope he makes a concerted effort to see all incidents this clearly from now on, and thinks before he speaks to the media with some clarity.

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    • I can see where Wenger's point of view when he said that Taylor should never play again. It's like murder - you end someone's life, you get your life ended (in prison). Taylor may have ended Eduardo's career (heaven forbid!), in turn, Taylor should have his career ended too.

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      • What a stupid post from Xavier - what is not been good enough got to do with emotions?

        Rooney, Barton, Savage & Terry are examples but it is more to do with their personality and upbringing than footballing skills. There are lots of good Scandinavian players that are supper cool - a characteristic they share with lots of people from that part of the world. However, you also have exceptions like Ljunberg - ready to clout his team mate...

        Frequently letting the rest mist decent is also not a good thing.

        I actually was in support of Gallas because of the serious injustice of the officiating but on refecltion he is a pro and he should have stayed in the box when the penalty was been taken. Taken his anger out on the hoardings or sitting crest-fallen after the game is up to him but he must know by now that his action will amount to nothing in Arsenal's favour.

        Vince, there is murder and there is man-slaughter; they dont carry the same punishment because one is more accidental than deliberate. And there is no 'life' imprisonment for anyone.

    • the only reason why british players keep their emotion to themselve is partly because 97 % of them are no good enough.to be overly emotional is seen as a good ingredient of a player or a football team.Italians are very emotional and this did not stop them from winning the world cup.teams like ac milan, r.madrid,juventus,barcelona have very emotional players but this does not stop them from winning trophies.the EPL is now the best league in the world because of those very emotional players like cantona,zola,henry,klinsmann,vieira....so next time you a british player like savage keeping his emotion to himself think twice.they are not good enough.sad reality

    • im not a fan of aw and have been critical of him in the past but credit where its due, what he said in the heat of the moment was wrong but he was man enough to climb down and release that statement. well done aw

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      • On 6-0-6 (Five Live) yesterday a lot of fans including many Arsenal fans were very critical of Wenger's statement. It goes to show that we as individual should sometimes use our own brains instead of just accepting everything that is said by people like Wenger.

        I have also been critical of Wenger in the past for some of his utterances and his 'never-seeing-eyes' esp when it is against Arsenal.

        This season we have won a lot of matches and there has been very little need for Wenger to say weird things but that did not stop him talking about how good the 39th-game abroad thing is. That sort of comment he could have kept it to himself because it tends to give the impression that Wenger will rather be somewhere else with his team rather than the UK.

        Anyways, on the tackle itself - I have seen it just 2ce on MOTD - it was not a fair challenge! He probably did not want to break Dudu's leg but he was never going to get the ball with such a tackle. The ball was on the ground - why was his studs so high and why the thrust from a standing position?
        9 times out of 10, Dudu's leg will not have been planted in that position it was in - he was just ot expecting such a tackle in the 3rd minute of a game.

        Wenger should seriously work on the players ability to accept a loss or other types of injustice. A lot of these continentals and other foreign players wear thier heart on the sleeves more than the Brits - nothing wrong with that but this the UK where you are not allowed to show too much emotion or say the blatant truth.

        I respect Wenger more for giving the statement some thought and coming out with a retraction.

        And lets see more players being sent off for reckless or careless lunges, too footed jumps, over the ball incidents and tackle from behind (whether they get the ball or not).