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  • Vince Vince Feb 24, 2008 21:21 Flag

    Fair Play Wenger

    I can see where Wenger's point of view when he said that Taylor should never play again. It's like murder - you end someone's life, you get your life ended (in prison). Taylor may have ended Eduardo's career (heaven forbid!), in turn, Taylor should have his career ended too.

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    • What a stupid post from Xavier - what is not been good enough got to do with emotions?

      Rooney, Barton, Savage & Terry are examples but it is more to do with their personality and upbringing than footballing skills. There are lots of good Scandinavian players that are supper cool - a characteristic they share with lots of people from that part of the world. However, you also have exceptions like Ljunberg - ready to clout his team mate...

      Frequently letting the rest mist decent is also not a good thing.

      I actually was in support of Gallas because of the serious injustice of the officiating but on refecltion he is a pro and he should have stayed in the box when the penalty was been taken. Taken his anger out on the hoardings or sitting crest-fallen after the game is up to him but he must know by now that his action will amount to nothing in Arsenal's favour.

      Vince, there is murder and there is man-slaughter; they dont carry the same punishment because one is more accidental than deliberate. And there is no 'life' imprisonment for anyone.

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      • Cosbaba, I think you should check what you accuse others ("What a stupid post from Xavier") of before posting such drivel.

        Man-slaughter and Murder are two very different things yes, but for all intense and purpose the ends are still the same and comparatively in this day and age the retribution is often incredibly similar. concordently Taylor commited an act which, however lacking in malicious intent still brought about the same ends, in short his punishment should be exact in that 'punishment' he served upon Eduardo.