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    Larsson Comment on Wenger

    Actually I think Wenger was right about Taylor, the guys that support Taylor are just destroying football, and I’m sure if few more of this 'Accidents' happen again no player will come to PL because here Manager has to thank u for breaking his player leg.
    Larson and his team was sh*t in weekend and had nothing more that luck and referee to have a draw against us. And now look what he is saying.
    How D**k Head can be a guy???

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    • I am a bit suprised at some of the responses to this post. After all the guy is just bringing our attention to a Arsenal reject obviously bitter and mouthing off about the team playing with a bad mood, Of course a team that has just witnessed a teammate have his foot virtually knocked off are goonna be upset ,wouldn't you be if it was best mate? Larrson has show he is still a boy with no pity about someone whose career could be over just to get one over Wenger which I think he will come too regret.
      That was the point of the post so how come the sad bitter and twisted such as nige9366 and John S feel the need to go on about Arsenal etc i dont know and as for beaubrummie supporting Larrson how evil is she. Mike i post was just in code thats why we did not get it!

    • well said larsson. about time someone spoke out against the likes of arsehole wenger. dont see him calling for his own players to be banned for life for bad challenges, do you? thought not!! granted, it wasnt the best challenge, but its not as if taylor went in 2 footed. infact, he hardly lunged into it either. it was unfortunate accident. shit happens!

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      • alright skip!

        you're one dumb fuck. "dont see him calling for his own players to be banned for life for bad challenges, do you?".

        actually i think its paramount that all managers call for their own players to be banned for life. I mean christ almighty what a stupid thing to say. of course he's not gonna say "oh and by the way i think you should ban my players for life. what? yes i know i trained most of them from a young age, yeah i know i pay them thousands of pounds a week and i know they're worth millions, but fuck it, ban them all!"

        thats gotta be the dumbest comment i've ever heard. And as forJohn S. This is an Arsenal board, go home. You've got nothing to say but the pathetic whinging of a sad twat. you're team outplayed us, outclassed us and soundly beat us. Well done, you did deserve it. now move on, we've heard everything you've got to say.


        oh and Larsson is an absolute fool. His own ramblings can only be likened to that of a naughty scool boy.

        also who said Davd Bentley is the best on form? What n earth are you measuing that presumption on? I'd like to see how many goals he has in the prem compared with.....i dunno.....Adebayor?

      • the last team that broke an arsenal player's leg dropped like a rock into the scrapchionship.
        Beddie bye Bumminghanm,
        see you in about 4 seasons when you finally learn how to play football.

    • Gunner4life you are very right.This man called Taylor must never play football again.The tackle was simply reckless and that is a very high and inexcusable degree of lack of due care and attention on the part of this lad called Taylor.

    • Well mate, we are that sh*t you aint managed to beat us this season have you? so what does that make your team?

      Your problem is that you, along with Manure and Chelski, have it in your minds that you have a divine right to beat everyone else...the writing is on the wall a mate, United stuffed you, and then you couldn't beat a team fighting relegation,...and now you have the Villa next.....I will remind you about thisn when Villa turn you over, and they will.

      Pity Gallas didnt stay seated on the pitch, that was the most he moved all match......and before you rubbish that...I WAS there....were you?

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      • Crap city, crap team, crap supporters.....end of.

      • I think beating your relegation fighting team will not be a great problem for Arsenal if your team have not resort to playing rugby when facing us.
        Larsson has been transformed from playing beautiful soccer in Arsenal to dogfight soccer in your team. Even his mentality has changed and thus his chances to make it to a top class team died.

        Hmmm... which is a bigger issue? Gallas sitting on the pitch after the match or Taylor's dangerous and idiotic tackle?

        And remember this well, your team didnt earn the draw, the last penalty was a gift from the ref. And before you rubbish in, I was there watching the match and replays, did you see that?

      • Your team is really good, because ur best players are refugees from arsenal 2nd team.
        And If u been there I'm wondering how u didn't see the ball that hit the bar or our missing chances???
        and the fact that u just had 2 attempt to our goal (which u scored both of them,100% scoring is a good record ).
        but i don't want 2 argue with u, go and support some team in arsenal level(u have 2 search really hard) and then come back 2 c what u got.

      • "Manure" lol

        did you think that one up all by yourself.

        nobody believes they have a devine right to beat anybody else, even arsenal have to work now and then. sometimes. not everytime, granted.

        but sometimes.

    • Little bratt. You were so bad you could not even play regularly in Arsenal second string team. You were sold off to a lowly team like Birmingham cos you were such a terrible student. Now you wanna open your dirty mouth and insult the proffessor of football. I wish I could get my hands on you, bastard. If you were so good you should have played just like Muamba and Kapo did. You were even substituted for want of quality and all you can do is open you foul mouth. Larsson you are the biggest 'idiot' of all.