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  • dillon dillon Feb 26, 2008 04:18 Flag

    Larsson Comment on Wenger

    Well mate, we are that sh*t you aint managed to beat us this season have you? so what does that make your team?

    Your problem is that you, along with Manure and Chelski, have it in your minds that you have a divine right to beat everyone else...the writing is on the wall a mate, United stuffed you, and then you couldn't beat a team fighting relegation,...and now you have the Villa next.....I will remind you about thisn when Villa turn you over, and they will.

    Pity Gallas didnt stay seated on the pitch, that was the most he moved all match......and before you rubbish that...I WAS there....were you?

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    • Crap city, crap team, crap supporters.....end of.

    • I think beating your relegation fighting team will not be a great problem for Arsenal if your team have not resort to playing rugby when facing us.
      Larsson has been transformed from playing beautiful soccer in Arsenal to dogfight soccer in your team. Even his mentality has changed and thus his chances to make it to a top class team died.

      Hmmm... which is a bigger issue? Gallas sitting on the pitch after the match or Taylor's dangerous and idiotic tackle?

      And remember this well, your team didnt earn the draw, the last penalty was a gift from the ref. And before you rubbish in, I was there watching the match and replays, did you see that?

    • "Manure" lol

      did you think that one up all by yourself.

      nobody believes they have a devine right to beat anybody else, even arsenal have to work now and then. sometimes. not everytime, granted.

      but sometimes.

    • Your team is really good, because ur best players are refugees from arsenal 2nd team.
      And If u been there I'm wondering how u didn't see the ball that hit the bar or our missing chances???
      and the fact that u just had 2 attempt to our goal (which u scored both of them,100% scoring is a good record ).
      but i don't want 2 argue with u, go and support some team in arsenal level(u have 2 search really hard) and then come back 2 c what u got.

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      • oh you stupid boy one does not go and find a class team to support, no no sire your bloody well born to it, thick and thin, good or bad you see its in the blood, go and read back what you wrote, AND BELIEVE THIS WE DONT EVER WANT TO BE GOONERS. for that matter we aint chelsea , manure or any of the other crap 1 team 1love 1claret and blue (in my case)heart but never never never a gooner,

      • But you forget that Wenger also flogged Bentley, who on current form is actually better than anybody at Arsenal. I will give Arsenal credit for actually doing so well this season in spite of the fact that your manager won't buy any top players. He should be trying to get Berbatov off Spurs, Richards off Man City. For fucks sake he should if he's got 70 million be trying to get Ronaldo from United's grasp. He also should have been chasing experienced midfielders like Hargreaves, but, no, he won't pay top whack like any of the other big clubs. He's a tightwad because the money people at the club are telling him to be. All this unlimited transfer funds talk is cobblers for sucker supporters (because if any club says otherwise the 'customers' get disgruntled). Look at Newcastle - billionaire owner promising Keegan anything he wanted then refusing to pay 5 million for Giles Barnes.

        What we need is a sense of reality, rather than the deluded romanticism of most EPL supporter mugs..