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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 27, 2008 08:04 Flag

    Larsson Comment on Wenger

    alright skip!

    you're one dumb fuck. "dont see him calling for his own players to be banned for life for bad challenges, do you?".

    actually i think its paramount that all managers call for their own players to be banned for life. I mean christ almighty what a stupid thing to say. of course he's not gonna say "oh and by the way i think you should ban my players for life. what? yes i know i trained most of them from a young age, yeah i know i pay them thousands of pounds a week and i know they're worth millions, but fuck it, ban them all!"

    thats gotta be the dumbest comment i've ever heard. And as forJohn S. This is an Arsenal board, go home. You've got nothing to say but the pathetic whinging of a sad twat. you're team outplayed us, outclassed us and soundly beat us. Well done, you did deserve it. now move on, we've heard everything you've got to say.


    oh and Larsson is an absolute fool. His own ramblings can only be likened to that of a naughty scool boy.

    also who said Davd Bentley is the best on form? What n earth are you measuing that presumption on? I'd like to see how many goals he has in the prem compared with.....i dunno.....Adebayor?