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    Is Bentley just sore?


    Hey guys, been away for a while. looking down at recent threads it looks like many pranksters have been keeping themselves occupied.

    Anyway - football. What does Theo's future have anything to do with David Bentley? Why is he saying he should change clubs? Just because he hasn't had an opportunity to stake full claim of a first team place yet as Cesc did (bearing in mind that Vieira's departure helped him a lot there) Bentley is saying he'll have to leave to preserve his future.

    My personal view is that Bentley is just jealous. According to a BBC article in which AW comes out and slams him, Bentley has moved to Blackburn where his career has 'flourished'. Has it? Hes been called up to the england squad once and now is an all knowing, world class footballer? erm, maybe not. He's 'flourishing' at Blackburn. Gosh, talk about inspirational, leaving one of the best clubs in the world to join a middle of the road club who never achieves anything. Theo's already played in a carling cup final. Bentley hasn't. They call it aspiring down I believe...

    Blackburn and Bentley bashing aside, this just smacks of irony. Bentley can't take the fact that another young englishman (yes, we're back to the whole nationality/homegrown debate again) is on his way to making it at AFC whereas he failed and he is therefore comparing himself to Theo and is, frankly jealous. Theo may have only been selected for England under dubious circumstances under Sven but now Theo actually looks like soon he'll be vying for a truly deserved place in the squad (not to mention the AFC team too) and is doing so far younger than Bentley ever could have dreamed of.

    Theo doesn't need any more pressure and I for one think AW has been using him effectively. I believe its true that he doesn't make as much of an impact in a game if he starts, he is for want of a better pun a 'super-sub' for the moment. That will change. There is too much pressure on players to get big, young, these days

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    • Bentley is a good lad to be honest , he just got carried away while on loan at rovers , i think A W needs to look at the clubs he loans to Blackburn and Birmingham and both set out to destroy our team , Bentley if he had stayed at Arsenal would only be a sqaud player he is good but he is not an Arsenal player , thats why he left because deep down he knew it , i wish him all the best and if he carries on improving you never no one day he might come back but i doubt it ,

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    • Off topic again! What don't you understand Ian?

      Was Bentley right, or is he just jealous?

      Try and keep your focus this time.

    • Trust Slayer to take a little of my post.I can speak French a lot better than you Slayer.I can speak English a lot better than you too

    • So do you mean by 'interested in football' agreeing to what Arse fans say all the time?

    • I do not think Bentley is good enough now to be automatic first choice in the Arsenal side and his style is not befitting Arsenals play.
      On the case of the school kids that jump on every post just to compare to man u (John S Ian Robert etc) I have to ask myself are they really interested in football or just man u (soon to be overtaken as top club in the prem!) Go on you gunners!

    • Well...
      Bentley left because he was not second choice winger...
      At no stage did Bentley think there would be a time at Arsenal where there are a shortage of quality wingers....

      He must be SOO fcuking annoyed NOW that he knows had he been patient and hung around, he may have been first choice winger...

      Jealously is a fcuked up thing.. Your Ego starts to burn you when you realise you made a bad decision......

      SO he is trying to influence the public perception and backing..
      Think about it, If Bentley really cared about Walcott, he would make the effort to personally go talk to Walcott and advice him on the matter....

      Instead he goes to the press.
      So the public think, what a nice guy, he is looking out for the guy... Meanwhile Bentley makes a few quid from the interview and "sorta" influences the public opinion of him...

    • >>I mean French is a hard language to learn,what with é,è,à,^ù's in it.I mean ou and où mean quite different things John<<

      another gibberish post by harris that didn't discuss football...........classic harris.

    • Usmanov is already your major shareholder, so you don't really need to be a soothsayer to conclude that it is extremely likely that he will attempt to gain control of the club, and as the Premier League's FAPPT (Fit & Proper Person Test) is about as reliable as the government's ethical arms policy, then I can't see how he will be stopped.

    • i am no soothsayer and can not for certain say whether we are going to get him as an owner or not

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