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  • I know its badly seen in here to critize our mighty club and the gaffer but....

    4 draws in a row against mid/bottom sides, another mediocre year awaits us (trophy wise) finger crossed it wont happen, but....

    What we clearly need is proven matchwinner types - we pass and play like no other team and my god it looks great at times, but it doesnt win us a great deal of trophies...
    Our attacking midfielders simply doesnt know how to kill a game.. Hleb have started overplaying badly like last season - he finds the nearest opposition player and dribbles into him... Rosicky is clearly not suited for the English game, way too fragile... Van Persie - great matchwinner potential, but can we rely on a guy who plays 1/3 of the games every season ??

    We badly need star quality matchwinning players like Torres, Ronaldo, Rooney, Gerrard, even Joe Cole who keeps going directly for goal when needed... And wengers reply is as usual "i wont buy" - his blind faith in this squad is killing our season....

    And that said, my god I hope i am wrong, but its just frustrating how we cant open up games. We know away teams come here with 11 men in front of their own goal, but hey its the same for united and Chelsea - A team like 'boro dont come all guns blazing at Old trafford do they. The difference is the lack of matchwinning types here.

    Your thoughts ?

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    • I have said in an other post that I find it some what arrogant to suggest we can not improve on our current squad over the summer.

      IMO if we have the cash, which the club and manager keep telling us we have, we should strengthen by buying over the summer.

      My novice prefference would be another striker to replace Eduardo (who might or might not return during the second half of next season) but I also think we could use more depth in the back. Gallas is getting older and Senderos just does not do it for me.

      Clearly the lack of scoring from midfield has caused us a lot of dropped points but who knows young guys like Walcott might start to contribute.

      Rosicky I love but agree with you that he is a liability in the reliability department.

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      • Since we are not Aw's personal little experiment as someone so aptly put it there should be some kind of overhaul during the summer; players who are not contributing much should be off-loaded and this includes Rosicki; Diaby and even RVP. Wenger has always failed to strengthen the team when we were in a position of strength in the past. Just look at Fergie; after winning a league he splashes big and will possibly be rewarded for this. When Wenger says he is not spending this summer this sounds unbelievable. Does he really believe we are so close to perfection? If we were we would not be where we are right now; in danger of winning nothing! It is not always about losing; it is the manner...

    • I agree sometime we overplay and didnt have enough shots. but i disagree we didnt have matchwinner. We have a few matchwinners, but they are still in-mature, like Cse and Wallcott. The main question is whether we should buy "ready meal" or "organic home make food"

      Ready meal - more money spend, not guarantee taste good, but likely fill you up and quick

      Organic home make food- Have to wait but cheap, always taste better etc...

      well ..... we might have to wait another year to see whats happen....sign oooo

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      • If we have injury prone players in the creative areas
        then we have a problem. Hleb's been ok for a while now , that's been good but unusual . Tired though?
        Rosicky doesn't look like he will play again this season. Playing through the middle has been our way lately because we don't have a natural wide man. Teams can play narrow and stop us.
        Not hard to sort out if we get a winger.
        Thought Martins was good in second half last night. He would fit in.
        There aren't enough at the club now and we can't break teams down. Eduardo was doing ok as he could find space ....
        Sure we will address this in the summer...
        Without Ronaldo, Mancs would still be behind us
        and we are gonna need that type of player , a goal scoring midfielder . Remember Overmars , Pires ,Ljunberg . Quaresma? what u think?

    • Loss of faith....
      Liking it very much!