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  • Ahmad K Ahmad K Mar 19, 2008 00:37 Flag

    Matchwinner types...

    Since we are not Aw's personal little experiment as someone so aptly put it there should be some kind of overhaul during the summer; players who are not contributing much should be off-loaded and this includes Rosicki; Diaby and even RVP. Wenger has always failed to strengthen the team when we were in a position of strength in the past. Just look at Fergie; after winning a league he splashes big and will possibly be rewarded for this. When Wenger says he is not spending this summer this sounds unbelievable. Does he really believe we are so close to perfection? If we were we would not be where we are right now; in danger of winning nothing! It is not always about losing; it is the manner...

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    • What has gone wrong since the start of the season?

      Same players. They hit the gound running at the start of the season, the midfielders starting scoring and the strikers were pretty much clinical. A couple of hiccups from the German goalkeeper, swapped him for the Spaniard and away we go.

      Hit by some untimely injuries - Cesc, Hleb and Flamini out at the same time, but Chelski and the Mancs managed to drop points.

      Gets to the B'ham game and it goes Pete Tong.
      A psycological blow seeing Dudu crocked, plus everyone starts saving themselves for the CL games.

      So what has changed?

      - Ade thinks he is a reincarnation of Titi?
      - Team spirit seems to be damaged?
      - Key players off form?
      - ACON?
      - Tired???
      - Not enough real quality in depth
      - Players focussed on CL rather than doing the business in Wigan?
      - Bad losses to Mancs and Spuds?
      - Lost our mojo and confidence?
      - Lack of experience of being in this situation?
      - Lack of shooting practice?

      - All of the above?