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  • rory rory Mar 22, 2008 02:26 Flag

    What's happened to slayers.........

    Thats not the reason actually.
    I dislike the arrogance of the club and majority of its fans.

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    • Hahaha I love that one!

      'the arrogance of the club and the majority of their fans'

      Considering United have an estimated 330 million fans, thats some wide reaching stereotype you've made there!

      I guess all french people eat sausage and cheese, and all English people sip tea over cucumber sandwiches, everyone in Mexico wears a sombrero you know too....you T*T!

      And who exactly is arrogant at our club?!

      You f*cking tool go hang your head in shame rorjac, you shouldn't post when so clearly lacking in knowledge and common sense.

    • It's not arrogance.It's confidence.I'm not saying United will win the premiership or champions league.I'm saying we have a good chance.That's a bit different to Liverpool at the beginning shouting(on the computer of course)about how they would be champions and telling us that United were finished.That's about people like Slayer spamming our board when you were 6 points in front .That's arrogance

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      • I haven't heard a single man utd supporter here saying that "they have a good chance". Comments like "we're going to walk it" are a lot more common. They are arrogant and treat all competitions as theirs to lose and even with a certain sense of entitlement.

        Also, many Man Utd fans are completely unable to give other clubs and their fans any kind of respect.