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    Natasha - Match Report

    0 Mins - We've Kicked off, natasha isn't watching the game on tv, instead she is going to take it as read whatever Eurosport says - and comment on it arrogantly on yahoo. She's got a computer, just doesn't have the brains to realise she can watch it on there, not that it would make a difference to the stupidity of her posts.

    7 Mins - Ronaldo has a run, doesn't work out this time but Roma dont seem to know how to mark him due to his free roaming all over the field. Natasha reads he hasn't scored yet, so she gets a little carried away and starts talking UTTER SHYTE about Ronaldo not performing again in Europe. Someone should have told her he's scored 9 goals int he past TEN European games. Silly girl.

    29 minutes - United are bossing the game, Roma struggling to create, United patiently waiting. Vidic has just got injured, Natasha has got carried away again and continued making stupid remarks about Ronaldo not performing in Europe. How much you wanna bet this dyke is going to look stupid?

    39 mins - GOAL!!! 36 goals in 39 games. He plays right wing and is the UNDISPUTED worlds best player. Sit down natasha and shut your stupid gob! Natasha didn't see the goal, but it was f*cking brilliant athleticism that you could only sit back and admire. Very brave too. United playing like Champions.

    45 mins - Half time, everyone gets on yahoo to take the p*ss out of some dumb b*tch. Slayer is in hiding of course. How good is Ronalsdo? Too good for anyone else Im afraid. He's taking the p*ss these days.

    55 mins - Anderson off - Hargreaves on. What a squad.

    66 mins - GOAL!!! Another superb move by United, Park surprises the keeper and the keeper plus THREE defenders collapse at the sheer MIGHT of Rooney, the player Cruyff describes as one of three best players in the world. Natashas praying slayer comes on and types one of his usual classic idiotic ramblings to spare her more ridicule.

    84 mins - United are just taking the p*ss now, its like a training match. tevez has come off the bench. You just have to admire the POWER of this team.

    90 mins - Full time. Francenal beat a very poor Milan side i Italy, but United just took apart a very good one, and with embarrassing ease, simply because they are the BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD - so says Spalletti.

    BE AFRAID. Pray you dont reach the final and have to endure ANOTHER lesson in the art of football from us. Like watching Brazil? No, we're MUCH better than them!

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