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    liverpool and arsenal-respected rivalry

    Credit to the arsenal fans who were honourable in defeat, although your manager was abit bitter. Despite me not likeing your manager I think hes done a good job and if you had beat us on tuesday I really would have hoped youd go on to win the champions league. But in the meantime I really hope you beat Man U on tuesday and can take the title. Out of the 4 teams at top I like Liverpool and Arsenal and hate the chavs and Man U.

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    • Really? I didn't think we handled it too well to be honest... There definitely is a good level of respect between us and 'pool. Partly down to them always wanting us to beat United to the title I suspect. But I thought after the champions league exit we were a bit bitter... Not towards Liverpool themselves, but we thought we controlled both legs and got robbed by 2 bad decisions so were just bitter at the ref really...

      Anyway were over that now.. time to unite in our hatred of United for today!

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