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  • fred j fred j May 9, 2008 18:46 Flag

    Would we really miss Hleb that much?

    I am not sure we are going to miss Hleb that much. He is a good dribbler but not all that productive. For a supporting striker, his shot on goal(not goals) is poor. As a winger, he rarely crossed the ball and he often holds on too long. I'd miss his skills but not much else. Diaby should be given that role- at least he would shoot on goal

    When Ade went off form, what was notable is lack of goals from elsewhere. I do not think he'd be a big loss. Give the wing to Walcott and he'd score. Even Rosicky could do the job better if he stayed fit

    Anyone remember the last kick of the game v Liverpool at the Emirates - league game this year? He had that one golden opportunity to strike it first time but he tried to take a touch. No instinct to strike on goal. He may have cost us 2 points then

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    • Hleb would be a great miss in the sense that he can hold the ball to let others join in attack, get pass defenders, intricate final ball and linking play from back to front.

      I agree that he does not score many goals since he does not strike the ball with much power or accuracy at goal. But then, who in our side does? The only one I can think of is van Persie. Eduardo is good at scoring like a fox-in-the-box type; Ade is strong and has above average heading abilities, but none them or the other midfield players can strike a ball well. Just look at the number of goal-attempts we have in each game. Otherwise, we would have scored double the amount of goals we have and won the title in a canter, and in the Champions League final by now!

      So, I think they should all polish on their ball striking techniques, and practice on crossing the ball!

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      • Sorry JJ but do you remember the old adage " you can't teach an old dog new tricks" I am sorry mate but the same is very true of footballers ...Not being able to shoot has been a feature for along time and its not gonna change much or it would have changed in 3 seasons

        It maybe possible to make a few adjustments in easy games but if you watch closely in tight games or in situations when the chips are down they tend to revert to type.....I say get rid of Hleb after 3 seasons nothing will change!!....

      • Sorry JJ but do you remember the old adage " you can't teach an old dog new tricks" I am sorry mate but the same is very true of footballers ...Not being able to shoot has been a feature for along time and its not gonna change much or it would have changed in 3 seasons

        It maybe possible to make a few adjustments in easy games but if you watch closely in tight games or in situations when the chips are down they tend to revert to type.....I say get rid of Hleb after 3 seasons nothing will change!!....

    • Cosbaba, Wenger will never win with you. If he lets them go, you attack. If he doesn't, you attack.
      Why are you being so hypocritical? Wenger has always let players go, and you know it. He is simply disgusted with what Inter and Hleb's agents are doing and intend to discourage other clubs from doing the same

      Now, what do you mean by the best players leave in a cloud? Who left in a cloud apart from Cole. Many of Man U best players left in a cloud and I do not hear you say much. Even Chelsea lose players. Remember Robben? How did van Nilsteroy leave? Beckham, Keane, Ince, Yorke, Stam wrote a book...and it goes on. Liverpool had a clearout. It happens to all clubs all over the world every year. Why do you make Arsene's a big deal. You hate this guy because of the English player arguement, but look beyond the surface and you'd see he is the only one in the top 4 who puts real effort into developing English players. He started a project about 10 years ago and these players are now maturing. He had to DEVELOP THEM TO PLAY WITH SKILLS as opposed to the current England players who are scared of possession

      You, Swerve, Marintii and professor should set up a forum and call it Wengerhaters.net ...and enjoy one another

    • The answer is a massive NO! Hleb is the sort of player Arsenal need to replace so we can play more productive than frustrating football.

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      • Totally agree. Hleb is a good player but like Henry ultimately slowed us down. We need to stick to our one touch style that cut's through any defence. We rotate a little more because it is so demanding. We cannot afford to keep up with the other top teams so it leaves us little choice but to stay with this style.

      • What Fergie does is his business. Yes, I did disagree with him not selling Heinze to Liverpool but there was thread on this and it has nothing to do with Arsenal.

        You go on about why Benitez is not been criticised. Why always Wenger? It is because Wenger says too much himself and tends to behave like a victim. FYI, Benitez was indeed in the papers earlier on when the results were bad but the board room drama and relaltive success on the pitch has kept him off the press.

        Unlike you, I restrict my comments to issues about Arsenal but occasional question your childis and inaccurate way of trying to rubbish other teams and managers. And of course, England and English players.

        If Wenger wants to keep his players then he should not allow them to have get-out clauses. It is ridiculous to have a contract that says you can buy it out and then Wenger turns round and say you cannot just up and leave. Threatening court action is just not on - remember him threatening Mourinho...

        Why is Wenger so bothered about Hleb? Where is the injustice here? Henry signed a contract for life (or so) and he left a year after...

        This club is fast becoming the 'persecuted' club.

    • Lets be honest here,we all know that Hleb is a very talented player with fantastic ball retention abilities,but his end product is pretty poor,very few assists,even fewer goals.As someone said earlier,when Adebayor went off the boil a while back,there was no one else scoring goals.

      What is Hleb's position on the pitch?.....behind the main striker?......then he needs to score more goals

      wide left/right?....then he needs more assists.

      In the last 30 years we have not won any trophies without having a wide player who scores or provides a lot of assists......
      1989......brian marwood
      1991......anders limpar
      1998......marc overmars
      2002/04......robert pires

      since then we've had hleb and rosicky......i don't think they've scored more than 15 goals between them since they've been at the club.I know tht rosicky has been injured(so he can be forgiven a little)

      So i think we need a wide player(either signed or from within the present squad) and a dominant centre half.Other than that i don't think this team needs major surgery.

    • According to the Sun (a paper some of the Wengerites have been quoting lately), Wenger will stop Hleb going. Despite the fact that he has a 3million buy-out clause in his contract.

      Why is Wenger doing this now. He has said he will not stand in the way of players leaving and he has even said yesterday that there are players queueing to join Arsenal.

      If any of this is true, then I worry.

      The good players tend to leave under a cloud - its just not good for the image and encouragement of big players to join us.

      If we remain a top 4 team for the next 3 years with Wenger buying cheap and bringing in young players to replace the departed then it will indeed be impressive. Though it will be be enough because the trophies matter too.

      As for Keegan saying he could not break into the top 4, the man is a bone-head! Maybe he cannot do it in the next 2 years but that should be is goal even at the start of next season. He went too far in trying to dampen the expectation of the Toons.

      Please Wenger stop talking about taking players and teams to court - the club will always be the loser in this. We pluck young players from others and get really cross when they leave us for other pastures.

    • Prof, you really do arse lick when someone comes out with a negative about us and James K is obviously a partnership made in heaven for you, possibly even in your own bedroom, on your own keyboard.

      Looking at James K posts you always get something with a BUT in it. Not a very positive Gooner I'd say.

      Maybe its his BUT that get you excited.

    • just on the money side, how much do these football players want or need? reports say flamini or how ever you spell it, was offered 50k a week! sorry if thats not enuff for him then he can sod off. how many players have left arsenal, or been pushed, overmars, anelka viera petit pires even the great henry etc and have gone on to better things?

      surely once you get to 30k a week, is money that important? i mean if i had the choice of playing for arsenal for 1k a week or man utd for 30k a week yes i would play for utd,,,,if arsenal said 50k and utd said 100k, fek utd, arsenal would come first!

    • Hleb has a lot to offer to our team, I would like to see him playing with Rositsky a bit more (but he has been injured) and with the pace of Theo then i think you would see more of the player that made him great in europe. we are to quick to right players off when things do not go our way and not quick enough to comment when they do well for us. Hleb has played well for us all season give the man credit where it is due

    • C'mon, it isnot rocket science! Bernitez does not fixthe price but he communicated it to the press and not Perry. That is what I meant. Wenger does not fix any price but he communicates it to the press as does many managers. Stop being blinded by your antiWenger sentments. My point isthat theguy is not different from any other manager. O'neil has been talking about Barry, not the chairman. What's so difficult in that???

    • We really, really, really would miss Hleb.

      Forget the fact that he doesn't score a lot of goals, it's irrelevant. You need a balance in your team of players who can dribble, shoot, pass, tackle - not everyone player has to have all of these attributes. Take Scholes as an example. He's a central midfielder who can't tackle for sh1t, but he's one of the best players the premier league has ever seen because Fergie knows how to balance his team. Scholes was an exceptional talent so you take the fact that he can't tackle, you just chuck a certain Roy Keane alongside him.

      You don't become champions with a team a jack of all trades. You gel exceptional players together. Hleb is an exceptional talent. Noone in the world can dribble the ball with such close control. He rarely loses the ball and is a good defender too.

      You can't blame Hleb for not shooting, it's not what he's in the team for. The players you can blame for not scoring enough goals are those who should be scoring more like Walcott, Rosicky etc.

      How many players of ours have exceptional talent? I would say Hleb, Fabregas, RVP, Adebayor, Walcott and Clichy. Those are players who can do things that other players simply can't do, and we have to keep every one of them. Flamini was a good player for us but he wasn't an exceptional talent, not a big loss in my opinion.

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      • good-doc, welcome to the world of fred!

        He is a Wengerite and obsessed with the finances of the club. Like we are going to go bankrupt if we spend some of the money we have made.

        The other thing is he was the same person slagging people off for saying things about Hleb not scoring enough and/or not being direct enough.

        Just where is the money being made going? We cant even be bothered to respect our palyers by paying them a decent wage.

        fred is also an Ade man but he is happy that we pay him peanuts just because he is from Togo and should be happy with his lot. If he really thinks Ade is amongst the top 10 strikers in this country, how come Flamini, a midfielder, is offered so much more than a striker.

        Is Flamini more valauble than Ade? Not in my view.

        It is best to keep a team together especially when they are progressing but if they want to leave then so be it. But it should not be from the fact that they are being disrespected by our underpayment.

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