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  • Ahmad K Ahmad K May 9, 2008 21:27 Flag

    Would we really miss Hleb that much?

    We will definitely miss him; we lack depth and losing first teamers is not the way to go. In the end what AW will do is simply replace the departing players without addressing our shortcomings. We have become so skint that it is almost laughable. Who is really responsible for this frustrating situation: is it Aw or the board? May be both as AW has the fixation to prove big spenders wrong; which plays into the hands of the Board who want only to cash in. Another frustrating summer ahead. Instead of looking forward to having some good players join us we have to wait anxiously whether we will keep those that we have. Something really stinks.

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    • Some good intelligent postings.

      However, I believe the problems we’re experiencing go far deeper; and all we are doing is discussing the symptoms not the cause. I can honestly say, having been a supporter for 38 years and a season ticket holder for 18, I have never known such instability throughout the club!

      In my opinion Wenger simply has too much power, and now appears to be “running” the club. How often do you hear other top manager discussing in depth how they will not pay higher wages or buy certain players, because they are keeping an eye on the finances? It’s as if he wholly owned it. Maybe we should change the name to “Wengenal”. His job should be to produce a winning football team, and manager the team on the field. Which undoubtedly he is one of the best at doing; but he isn’t the Managing Director, Vice Chairman, Director of Football and Chief Finance Officer rolled into one! Quite simply he is trying to juggle too many balls, and this is inadvertently affecting the stability of the team.
      Constantly, we hear about the inability to buy established players to strengthen, in the same manner as Man.Utd, or Liverpool, (I’m leaving Chelsea out of this argument simply because there financing structure is different), due to the cost of the new stadium. Well let’s explore that argument further: according to figures published by Forbes, (these can all be viewed at Forbes.com), that excuse doesn’t fly, and I’ll tell you why:

      1. Arsenal are the 3rd most Valuable Team in the World
      2. Debt to Value Ratio including Stadium Debt, is as follows:
      Arsenal – 43% Man.Utd – 60% Liverpool 65% (without new Stadium)
      3. Player Wage Costs per Ratio of Income:
      Arsenal – 55% Man.Utd – 72% Liverpool 70%
      4. Match day revenue per Home game:
      Arsenal £3.1million Man.Utd £2.6million (Arsenal are most expensive ground in the league)
      5. Match day revenue has double from £40 million at Highbury in 2006 to
      £78 million in 2007, at the Emirates.

      So the question that begs asking, is are we being told the complete truth? Or are individuals at the club being a more than a little disingenuous. And whom do we blame?
      Well it would be easy to totally blade Wenger, but who allowed him to generate such an all-powerful platform: of course the board, by not growing a set and dealing with the whole Dien, Kroenke issue in a responsible manner, and giving Wenger free reign, because of fear of loosing him. Now Edelman is leaving, and what are we supposed to deduce from that? Maybe, Wenger will do his job too!
      I’m not only extremely concerned about our direction on the pitch, but the direction of the whole club. What next another summer of player speculation and board room turmoil, and the encouraging thought of a Russian billionaire, with a 6 year jail term for fraud, taking over!
      I’ll always remain an Arsenal supporter, but that doesn’t mean I have to blindly agree with every decision of the people running the club. Oh, for the good old days!

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      • Any manager is of the utmost importance to the finance of any club as they are with other businesses. The job of a good manager is to produce a winning team whilst keeping the club profitable at the same time. If you are a manager and you win all there is but the club ends up bankcrupt then you would have done a bad job. So, it is not an anormally for Wenger to talk about the club finances. He works for the club and paid to do that.
        You heard Bernitez said he would sell Crouch for 15m. He did not say, let me get the chairman to tell you how much he'd cost
        Of course many managers do not hav basic education and have always had agents do their maths all their lives. Those would not feel so comfortable.
        Read this:

        I think too many of us fail to appreciate the worth of this Wenger