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  • simon s simon s Jun 14, 2008 20:56 Flag

    Euros panning out well for Arsenal transfers

    France having a nightmare may mean getting Nasri at the same price as discussed before the Euros. Might even get a chance or Benzema as the top clubs will be fighting it out for Villa etc.

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    • id forget all the talk of gettign anybody decent hehe. there are talks of arsenal trying to buy another bloody youngster from spain.
      teams like chelsea r talking bout villa, eto, liverpool with barry, man u with berbatov, and we go and buy an unproven championship player for 5 mil!
      I still have faith in wenger as he comes good, but they need experienced, established players and its getting harder to see it happening.

    • Have thought the same myself - several 'targets' haven't featured, and for a major championships, its surprising how few Gunners are featuring.
      France, which in the past was providing 2-3 members to the national side currently only has Gallas playing regularly. Particularly pleased that Sagna and Clichy aren't featuring, and can enjoy a long and deserved rest.
      Spain - Cesc has only come on as a sub in the first match, and is likely to be on the bench again this afternoon, I'd reckon.
      Switzerland - 'Big' Phil Senderos has played both games - we know what he can do, and perhaps Arsene will be able to look at his limitations from outside the prism of an Arsenal perspective - which would be a good thing. Honest, but not up to it against quick, or physically imposing attackers. Djourou isn't even good enough for their 1st X1.
      Croatia - happy that Eduardo's recuperation appears to be progressing well, sorry he's missing the event of a lifetime, but glad he's also getting a break.
      Czech Republic - They have missed Rosicky's guile, and pace - but for Gunners, we're glad that he's getting fixed on their clock, and not ours.
      Holland - RVP has come on as a sub in both games, and has shown some of the sharpness we had come to love, and expect. If they go the distance, and he gets to play, it will do his confidence no end of good.
      There's every chance that RVP and Robbin will start the next match alongside Van Nistelroy, given the impact they both made against France.
      Poland - Fabianski hasn't featured.

      think that's it - and with 'targets' Nasri, etc not playing, it could yet be a good summer for The Arse