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  • Bobby Bobby Sep 2, 2008 11:38 Flag

    Really No One????

    Wow i was'nt expecting Alonso (although sources say Arsene upped his bidto 14m and missed out), nor was I expecting Veloso or any proven player. I was however expecting one signing someone like Mbia or another youngster, and more importantly a central defender now we have lost Senderos and replaced him with Silvestre who is a good replacement yet injury prone.

    I do believe despite the failure to get another midfield player that we do have the squad to fight to the end of the season. In terms of attack we are very strong and have alot of depth. Rosicky can fill in for Fabregas were he to get injured again, although that would mean Rosicky would also have to not be injured (yes i know), remember Rosicky is actually a central attacking midfielder and world class too.

    Though if we do get any defenders injured than we will be in trouble.

    Sorry just having a long rant, no one at work cares for football.

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    • i think wenger tabled some offers, its just people won't join us 'cause of our wage policy and he (wenger) wouldnt pay up

      lets look at the two big transfers : robinho and berbatov

      robinho wanted bucks and a way out of madrid without the paycut...

      berbatov wanted bucks and silverware : we cant guarentee that since we're favorites of all the top four to be pushed out by man city (woot!) and the league cup won't keep fabregas in for too long...

      i know we didnt need either of them but nowadays thats the way it is : you buy or you regret it

      seeing man city buy robinho amongst others tells me that wenger should really, really start spending

      I'm scared...

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      • Arsenal does have cover. i really believe that in all parts, if plan B doesnt get injured!. mid-field we have wiltshere who i think is good enough. denilson does look better after saturday and diaby is still to come back. diaby as all gunners know was the new viera but since that injury he suffered at southampton he hasn't been the same player.
        and please remember The Arsenal is totally dependent maybe to much on arsene pulling of magic with the players. Arsenal has always been about arsene because whoever he has bought he has made them super stars but this year he has to work some series magic which maybe he cannot do we will see. he has to make super stars of ramsey. wilt's. theo and denilson and maybe still ade. i hope for us he does it again and again.

    • Yes Rob, really no one and Silvertre was the last one... prepare to see Denilson and Diably mature to a super defensive midfield...