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    Gunners bounce back against Porto

    Well, not really. We easily beat what was put in front of us.

    I think Porto where worse than the Spuds on a bad day after they went behind.

    Fine opening goal from RvP and some other nice moves once we relaxed.

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    • Thanks kids.

      We had half a chance of some sensible football discussion on here and you blew it.


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    • Fred, trying to reason with unreasonable Chris (Hull) and his partner-in-crime Butch is a total waste of your time.

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    • Sorry Slayer aka Fred can you type something that makes sense for once?.And thanks for the Chris reference yet again it makes you look even more stupid every time you say it through your various ID's and guises.Now run along little boy ,learn English and come back when you have grown a set.

    • No, they bought it.

      The precursor to Chelsea ;)

    • The fans and English players want the EPL above anything else. Great bragging rights to come top after 38 games in the best league in the world.

      The foreign players and managers want the CL because it's a great showcase. A CL medal boosts your value in the marketplace.

      Most EPL Board members also like the CL because it's very lucrative and helps pay the bills.

      Anyway Champions League is a misnomer - it's basically a cup knockout, not a league and not just contested by Champions. L'pool have proved that with a decent draw and some luck you can win it without being the best club in your own country.

    • The Hull game.. It just happens sometimes.. the end...

      I was at the Emirates when West Ham beat us. They had one shot on target, when we had over ten.

      This is the downside of the Ajax model, you will lose 1 in 8-12 games because it simply does not happen for you and of course the opposition have to play well and ride there luck.

      The question is, can you be champions these days losing 5 to 8 games in a season. You could in the 80's and 90's. I don't think you can now.

      However when it works and it does most of the time, it is truly unbeatable and simply awesome to watch, but i would really like us to win something...

    • Officially Liverpool were the best. just because they did not do well in the EPL does not negate this especially considering the rotation system favoured the CL. fact is, they won their way to the cup. It wasn't just one game

      Blackburn did Fluke it, did they not?

    • Outlaw, I refer you to the post above. Yes, luck does play it's part as well as consistency. It is not just in the CL that refs influence the scores and as such the winners. They do so in the league. All the phantom penalties and goals, and not spotting offsides that lead to goals- all do add up to points at the end of the season and if the league is won by one or a few points, those decisions would have counted more. The best team in the EPL last season in my opinion was Arsenal. They were only outplayed once and that was by M'boro when Fab, Hleb, Diaby were all injured. Apart from luck, they had wins turned to loss and draws by refs. Man U had a very lucky season especially with injuries. But also with ref decisions

      Like it or not fact is managers and players instinctively put the CL higher than the league unless they have never won it before. Even those who haven't like Liverpool still often prioritise it. Managers never rest players in CL games becuase of a league fixture unless of course they have qualified from the group stages. On the other hand, they rest players for CL fixtures. ALL the managers do it. So no matter what they say, they think the CL is more important

      With respect to Arsenal, it is logical the club and indeed Wenger would be keen to win the only trophy that has eluded him so far. Ask Henry one cup he'd like to win now. I am sure Wenger would be disppointed if he were to retire without winning the CL. The league would be more important if he hadn't already won it

      You can deceive yourself as much as you like but the facts are there for everyone to see

    • So Liverpool were the best team in Europe in 2005?

      Really??? (Sorry Abu mate)

      I do see the point you are trying to make, but the PL really shows what a team is made of.

      It's nigh on impossible to fluke it.

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