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  • Fred E Fred E Oct 4, 2008 01:42 Flag

    Let's hear it for the Arsenal


    Credit where it is due. Privately most Chairmen would kill to be in Arsenal's position despite all the talks about not having won a trophy for 3 years

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    • Now that we have played 7 games against bottom half teams (apart from Hull!) and we are already 4 points off pace. We will not win anything this year and we are in this situation because Wenger is obsessed about proving a point. This is costing us big time. I believe this year we face the risk of failing to qualify for the ECL. What Wenger did or rather did not do during the summer amounts to criminal negligence. He should have replaced Flamini adequately and found a decent centre half. He has failed on both counts and we are already paying the price. I said a while back that this should be a make a break season for Wenger and I have not seen anything yet that has changed my mind.

    • what is minimum for you john this year at this rate i would take a trip to wembley.yesterday was a disgrace in my opinion when you have vela bendtner and samir sitting on the bench. the 3 which as soon as they came made a difference. what defensive mid-field.

    • Arsenal are in debt, to the tune of £ 316 million

    • You almost lost your spot a couple years ago to Spurs!

      The only reason you didn't is that TEN of their players got mysteriously sick just before the last game!

      However I am inclined to agree with you on Liverpool being more likely than you to drop out IF someone like City invests like Chelski did.

      I also must say I hope that you dont drop out, as you have a great history and play football the right way, its just the way I see things going Im afraid.

      The RS however are slowly improving their squad (unfortunately), whereas your side hasn't really evolved in the past 5 years. Its got younger, but better talent wise as a whole? I dont think so at all, in some positions individually certainly though. You had better options on the bench also back then.

      How is Bischoff doing anyway??!

    • As for liverpool. they could be the team to lose there place. i still think they lose momentum and lose games to frequent. i think even this year they will struggle. they will do the same as last year. consentrate on the CL. they have done it for 3 seasons now. they are not a club that can compete in all 4 honours. thats is why they have never won the premiership. and i guess they wont win it in the next 5 years.

    • i would very much doubt that arsenal will lose they top 4 spot for along time. people have been saying this for the last 2 years. man city will need at least 2 more seasons to even think about getting into the top 4. fact, arsenal will always be a top 4 club. we are the most sucessful london team in histroy. another fact. and we will always be competing for the top spot.

    • Devilfish your point is an extremely weak one, as you are citing Spurs spending of money as an example for why they aren't succeeding, when you SHOULD know as well as everyone else with an ounze of common sense, that there are 3 teams in the top four who have spent a great deal more than them!

      Now what have those 3 teams won between them in recent years?

      4 premiership trophies? A few FA cups maybe?

      How about a couple of CL trophies?

      With city now having the resources they possess, if they can use them like Chelski did then its inevitable they will muscle in to the top four...at the expense of a team who doesn't spend as much.

      Top 2 candidates for losing 4th CL spot.....Liverpool and....FRANCENAL.


      Chelski and United are just too powerful financially to slip out. The rentboys struggled with injuries last year but still came close to doing the double. United had their worst start in 16 years last year and look what they did! Another poor start this year, do you honestly doubt that they will challenge??

    • yeah does anyone know when bischoff will be fit again lol

    • the ony one gripe i have about wenger is, if he was to at least get extra players for cover. he dont have to spend millions, but it seems, lack of cover for players out which happens usally mid season. we have it every year, this needs to be corrected.

    • i no we have to spend money, but to spend 25 to 30 mil on one player might not be the solution. spurs have spen in the last 2 seasons near on 150 mil, how much more have they got to spend to even challenge for 4th spot. i still think moulding a team of young players is the best way to go. its takes time but you will get end results. also spurs had a good team when jol was there he got them 2 5th places, but then it all changed, and they have a manager that will eventually wipe out all there profits to acheive something. you cant keep spending and spending, you need to build a team with what you have. can anyone see spurs getting 4th spot in the next 3 year, can you see them winiing 2 or 3 trophies in the next 3 years. i cant. and ramos will spend more money in janury. and still will not get anywhere. he sold his best players, and took a risk on his new players. it seems it was the wrong move.

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