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  • The CHAMPIONS of England AND Europe are coming to town....and you have:

    - Van Persie suspended?
    - Fabregas suspended (5 yellows)?
    - Walcott injured?
    - Adebayor injured?


    ....a team shot of confidence, petrified of anyone bigger than them, a manager who plays everyone out of position, and SILVESTRE at the heart of defence!!!

    If someone can confirm the first 4 points, we already have confirmation of the last 4!!!

    Cheers! hehe ;)

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    • You'll look very silly if you lose. Mind you, you'd be used to that.

    • Hull and Stoke are just the tip of the iceberg of things to come, have no fear its going to get worse before getting better. Every dog has it's day. I don't mind in the least to confessing that over forty years I've seen it all before. Born off Seven Sisters road and frost bite in my toes after years of 'stamping' on the North bank testifies to that. So lets put this into perspective. It all has nothing to do with talent or whose in or out of the team, each one has there share of talent, and are capabale of beating each other, as we have been made painfully aware of recently. The key to the world wide success of Man.Utd. eg. was not only money as it is now. But I have always been of the opinion that after the Munich aircrash (I was at the game the Saturday before when they played Asenal) and the lost of the Busby 'babes" the world was in sympathy as we all were. They gathered strength from that time on. Arsenal were once the dominant force in football before then, and known the world over.
      Chelsea would still be the Chelsea we all knew without the Russian, short in stature but packed with youthful enthusiasm, now money in excess gives them the opportunity to be something at last. And Liverpool weren't even in sight then.
      A little respect for a man called Wenger, wouldn't go astray here either. They have all copied him in one way or another, and the style of play he introduced to english football has left its mark for ever on us. Hansen's (M of D) grudging respect from a man as biased as himself has made my day on many occassion over recent years. But how the wolves bay for blood when things aren't so good, and reality kicks in. Even Romes 'marble' halls crumbled as Highbury's has.
      Lets not forget in a hurry though, after all ' I told them Oldham', and who knows.?

    • van persie if they appeal then not suspended
      cesc 5 no i think 3 yellows.
      walcott back probably
      ade back probably

      the other bit at the end yeah i would go with that.lets face facts here and reality.

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      • I can't see van Persie winning any appeal. It's clear what he did and clear why the referee sent him off. What is there to appeal about?

        I can't see Walcott or Adebayor being back immediately. it looked like Walcott broke something. Maybe it was a shoulder dislocation and he could be back quickly. Adebayor's problem looked a bit nasty.

        And yes, your defence is in disarray at the moment. Sadly for a Chelsea fan your match against United looked like three points for them.


      • Dont think you are going to get Van Persie off mate.

        What about Sagna? Freddy says he's injured too, whats his situation?

        Keep us updated this week boys.

    • I'd have thought you've learned your lesson at Anfield.

      To jog your memory a certain Merseyside team defeated Man United without Torres and Gerrard.

      Your team even made Kuyt looked world class and deadly on that fateful day.


    • sagna injured........so you can masturbate to that now