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  • John John Nov 3, 2008 17:11 Flag

    Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear.

    Stoke play very much in the same mould as Pulis the player - they "enjoy a tackle".

    Ryan Shawcross, who looks and plays like an extra from Ray Winstone's Scum, trod on Emmanuel Adebayor's ankle which saw him limp off the field while Theo Walcott was hacked down by Danny Higginbottam, not long before an industrial tackle by Rory Delap ended his afternoon. The jug eared Irishman having earlier curtailed Bacary Sagna's involvement.

    Wenger cast a demented figure as he paced up and down the touchline, berating the fourth official almost incessantly through the game as Andy Griffin avoided censure for a scissors lunge whilst the Schadenfreude only grew greater for non-Gooners as Robin Van Persie was dismissed for forearming the ball that was attached to Thomas Sorensen's chest at the time.

    There is more culture in a pot of Bio Activa than there is in this Stoke team.

    That said, other talentless teams now know how to beat us. Chop us down at every opportunity, try any dirty trick you can to injure our players, and play route one football. Take note WBA. Go back to playing the football that got you promoted.

    Welcome to the new Championship.

    As for Gallas' comment 'Arsenal play too beautiful'
    Well Willie, your the fookin captain. Try leading the team the way you want them to play, instead of just sulking about another loss under you captaincy.

    P.S Well done Lewis thouroughly deserved to be crowned F1 Champion (even though it was handed to you by Timo Glock).

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    • Huh?

      For 2 years now I've had an opinion.

      An unpopular one until recently but have never wavered.

      I have had to put up with all sorts of rubbish from you and Slayer and Fiona in the past.

      As my predictions comes true one by one (sadly) your memories grow shorter and your delusions run rampant.

      You downright amaze me Fred.

    • What give us the right to determine how other teams play?

      There are rules to the game and they are policed by the officials during the match.

      We had a player sent off and one booked. Stoke had four bookings and none sent off.

      We have to cope with other teams playing by whatever means and tactics their manager decides upon.

      Get over it.

    • Wikipedia suggests Carragher has scored four at the right end for Liverpool. It says he scored his fourth in December 2006 against Fulham and doesn't mention any others.

      I have to admit I laughed when Silvestre's first goal for Arsenal was at the wrong end but he has rectified this since.

      For Chelsea Michael Essien seems good at scoring own goals but he has scored more than enough at the other end including that screamer against you lot that maintained our home unbeaten run for another thirty or so games.

      My favourite scorer of own goals is Rio Ferdinand. They are always ridiculous and he always blames VDS.


    • Good post, John. It is a shame it is now a rarity finding someone who actually analyses the game. They all analyse results only. Yes, that is what matter but it shouldn't be an excuse especially if one is paid to analyse the game

      The ref is there to make sure the rules of the game are adhered to, but appears we are not allowed to kick but it is ok for others to kick us, and cause so many injuries in one game. I for one do not blame RVP who must have thought it was a free for all not realising it was a free-for-Stoke only

      I am sure Wenger had to have a good old sip of cold water before the press conference.

      Our players need to actively start kicking these players. Those Stoke players would think twice before kicking Rooney so we need to get some meaness into our game. Song's aggression to be encouraged even if it means the occassional red card. Gallas is just an idiot who likes to blame everyone else. Part of being a captain is to help organise the players on the pitch. His mistakes led to the loss against Fulham and Hull yet he blames beautiful football

    • I think he scored 3 against spurs at both ends, or something like that.

    • that doesn't sound right vlad. He's scored three OGs against Spurs alone, then another against the Hammers in a certain FA Cup final. I think he's put the ball in his own net around 7 times in all competitions.

      Not sure how many he's scored for us - will google it.

    • to answer your question abu, he scored three goals for you and 3 own goals.

    • I'm beginning to wonder if, during his entire LFC career, he's put the ball into his own net more than he has put it into his opponents ;o)

      I don't think there's much in it.....

    • This is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better Paul believe me!

      As long as we can limp to January, we may have a chance of wenger dusting of the moth's in the wallet and getting some quality members to the squad we may just get back into CL next time 'round.

    • They dont have MOTD in your country Slayer,answered Chris's question yet or are you scared?

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