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    Wenger does have a lot to answer for.

    Unfortunately i think this is going to be one of those seemingly never ending transitional seasons. And for that soley i blame Wenger. There are too many ifs and buts that can be brought into the argument but these are never going to get solved with the current approach that is taken to things by wenger.

    All you Wenger knows best people out there cant be soo blind to see that yes whilst we do have a great crop of talented and potentially great players will we ever see the best of them?

    Why last season buy Diarra (an absolutely brilliant DM) only to let him go for peanuts whilst not giving him the chance to prove his worth. Then after he has gone let our next two choices for that position leave the club.Gilberto yes was getting older but in my opinion had a hell of a lot to offer the club still. Denilson great prospect but woould not get in most teams DM position in the prem at the moment. Flamini whilst he did have a good season i dont think was the biggest of losses on his own but coupled with gilberto and diarra it was a complete mess.

    I think Nasri is a better player than Hleb in many aspects and that is the one thing i think wenger got right this season.

    Silvest not worth the money, yes brings experience but again why get rid of gilberto who is a better CB than silvest??

    I think we have got great talent in the attacking department and i dont see too much wrong with our set up there but Eboue as winger cover isnt right Wiltshire is a better player than eboue.

    It all boils down to wengers decision making and in my opinion whilst he is doing enough not to fail completely he hasnt been doing enough to show the forward drive to success that all us fans want. Especially his insistance on playing people out of position. Why chuck a centre back into right back position when u have Gallas?Eboue? who both have more more experience than Toure or Djourou in that position. Denilson on the wing? just WTF surely Vela?Walcott?Nasri?Wiltshire? yes they are all fairly lightweight players but then so is Denilson, and to those who may defend Denilson he is NOT a great holding midfielder and he is definately NOT a great wide player. Name one other prem team denilson would get into at the moment??

    we cant always rely on new youngsters encorporating into a team quick enough for immediate success.

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    • the lose against stoke show AW must be blame for the result.They think they can win easily but they do not realise arsenal already had been beaten by hull ,fulham the low profile club.AW need to splash the cash to buy a better DM than denilson like they supporter want.The true supporter need to criticize the manager for the team poor form. Stop to be childish and give the reason after losing.(RVP do not deserve the red card..hahaa) .Slowly the supporter will get bored with the team performance unless the big changes inside the team.ALmunia also made a lot of mistakes from the last 2 games and need to ashamed after AW trust him to replace lehmann.Good luck next week????