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    Wenger Knows Best(WKB)

    Contrary to fabrications here on this board, I have never ever used this sentence but it is a typical football fan creation. A bit like 'giving 110%', which is of course, impossible.
    However, I love Arsenal and believe in the manager. He is a good manager and I like his intelligent approach to management. As a man, I would respect a person for being intelligent ahead of being a millionaire. So, hardly surprising

    The guy is a good manager, I dare repeat. And unfortunately, the players are letting him down at the moment and not repaying his faith. Part of his problem is, he is a nice man who really does care about his players and tries to have faith in them. The human being is a complex psychological creation. The easy part is putting them together to fight wars but things do not always work out as we would like.

    As a fan, I believe this is when the club and the manager need my support the most, and i will be screaming my lungs to bits. What is the point of being a fan if I only sing when we are winning

    A few years ago, similar dissenting noises were being made re Alex Ferguson and many wanted him out. The rest, they say, is history. Goes to prove many football fans especially pundits do not understand football half as much as they think they do.

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    • i think that wenger is a gd guy but he is sellin owe best players so we anit as gd as we use to b and the team is not workin like a team thay nead to trie and get on 4 us fans but wenger is gd 4 the team at the min

    • wenger mistakes makes the fans suffer

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      • Wenger has been a great manager and still is BUT although the Board say there is money available that is rubbish. Wenger is struggling because he has to keep one eye on the budget. That is why he bought Gallas and Silvestre.

        Wenger is also completely stupid sometimes. He even makes his own fans embarrassed with some of the things he comes out with.

        Until you have some money to spend you are going to struggle to stay up with the other 3.

    • I fail to see how you could judge a squad's title credentials Slayer, when you didn't even support Arseanl last time they did in '04.

      You do make me chuckle.

    • You sound like somebody who reacts badly to intelligence.e are people who don't like Obama for the same reason. You'd rather a thicko like you

    • If you read my posts you will see that I already regard AW as a genius, a god, and one of the most important people in our clubs history.

      That doesnt change the fact that I think he has lost the way this year. I supported AW on these boards while he was dismantling the "Invincibles" side and building a new one on a reduced budget (due to the stadium). I supported AW in his insistance on building a squad of young, athletic talent. Along the way though he forgot to supplement that talent with experience.

      I personally do not think we have the squad to win the League this year. We had an easy start to the season and we have come out of it with 2 draws and 3 defeats. Now our schedule starts to get tougher. It will take an absolutely dramatic turnaround to get back in the hunt.

      I would love to be proved wrong and to eat humble pie. I would love that more than anything.

    • I'm sure Paul C will be amongst those people who will laud Wenger as a genius if he manages to turn things around this season WITHOUT any adjustment to our present squad.

      The present squad are good enough to win the title this season imo, what we urgently needed is consistency and luck with injuries and suspension.

    • Sfer - welcome to this thread, I agree it's a good one.

      AW is no more arrogant than SAF or Jose or any other great manager. They all think they are right all the time and that everyone else is stupid. I think that is a prerequisite to being great in anything.

      However SAF has shown the ability to adjust and develop. AW does not seem to be able to do that right now.

    • As a visitor here (and def not a slayer I promise) I find this thread amazing. AW is a great manager - his record shows that but I would disagree with the original thought that he is a "nice man". He is arrogant as pointed out here already.

      Worse he is one of those managers that defends the undefendable and makes himself look ridiculous in the process.

      He has that air of a man that has nothing to prove and thinks that everybody else in the world is an idiot including, in fact probably especially, the fans.

      p.s. Cesc is a great player and I would have him in my team everydayt of the week so let us know if you don't want him.

    • Gallas wasn't a 'castoff' when he bought him. Infact, he had a very good EPL reputation at the time. I cannot argue with you on Sylv. I'd rather have Senderos and I believe pressure from the fans influenced the swiss's loan deal. wenger liked him and didn't really want to let him go. Maybe he does listen to the fans?

    • No, I think you are wrong with regards to the youth policy. The problem isnt the kids at all. There is some great talent that has come through, and lots more on the way.

      The problem is that youth always has to be balanced by experience. Even United in the 90's, with their youth crop, had balance with Schmeichel, Keane, Cantona, Pallister etc. and later with Sheringham, Yorke, Cole etc.

      We lack that balance right now. Like you say, Silvestre and Gallas just arent the answer.

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