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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 13, 2008 03:47 Flag

    arsenal immune to handball offences

    seems to me that refs have been told to not penalise any arsenal player when they they commit a handball offence.

    at old trafford last season adebayor punched the ball in the net, decision, goal

    emirates, clichy puts his hand out to stop a ball that had been crossed, decision, no penalty

    emirates, defender puts hand in the air and clears cross with hand, decision, no penalty.

    i know you have found it hard winning trophies for a few years now but should not get away with all this cheating, because they say cheats never prosper, so thats why you are not winning trophies.
    if you was an honest upstanding english team like united you would win things by the bucket loads like us, as honesty reaps it rewards. i know it might mean you wont finish in the top 4, but would it not be nice to be called gallant losers instead of cheating losers

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