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    5 defeats ALREADY! Hahaha!!

    For those of you that are real football fans, I feel sorry for you as your situation is a rather frustrating one, but for those of you who were on here proclaiming all sorts of nonsense after your FLUKE win over the CHAMPIONS (COUGH Fred, devilfish and slayer/cojack), hang your f*cking DELUDED heads in shame ladies, you thought 'Over Before Easter' was embarrassing???!!!!

    Sacking Gallas was progress, sacking Wenger is the next step (take aslong as you want, by all means)....you can rant and rave about his quality all you want, you can keep dreaming about 'potential' and 'kids', I GUARANTEE you wont win the league under him again.....

    ....yet what do you need to be a force again?

    Not much...

    ....its just BEYOND Wenger to rectify the situation...FACT, FACT, FACT!!!

    You can keep living in hope all you want, keep reminiscing about what Wenger has achieved in the past (ahem, how many years now?!) and all these so called 'kids' he's brought through (erm...Wilshere...and...)....what you want....what you have HOPED is coming.....IS NOT COMING.

    Wenger had a blue print after the invincibles, its plain to see, to bring through a bunch of cheap foreign kids, initiate them into the Francenal 'predictable triangle passing' way, and let them mature into a team as good, if not better than the so-called 'invincibles'. Then after FINALLY winning the CL he was going to leave, remembered by all ABU's as the greatest manager in the game....who spent f*ck all and achieved it all.....

    ....fair play, it was a nice dream, but unrealistic now the game has changed so drastically since the emergence of the Billionaire owners, and the BRILLIANCE of Fergie.

    Fact is you would probably be better off with someone like Rednapp in charge...now THATS gotta hurt!!!

    Professeur aka WINNER, MAINBOY and ULTIMATE Male - OUT!!!

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    • Whatever way chris chooses to say it...he is right, or he is at least 2 more arsenal losses away from being right.

      The win against united was very satisfying and the overal performance of the team was better than it has been recently, but with the chances rooney and ronaldo had...on any other day they would have been in the back of the net, but......they were having an off day and luck went our way.

      I think we will get a result against kiev but the next two premiership results are vital.

      We are now in a situation where every player in the EPL knows about about our problems on and off the pitch and every single one of those players is going to throw everything they have at us to try and exploit our weaknesses.

      Its the same story with the carling cup this season, kids doing really well but unless Wenger implements senior players into that squad then they will struggle in the final stages and it will a silverware chance wasted again.

      We have been told time and time again that the funds are available and as much as i love the youth policy and some of the talent that we clearly have in the younger players....We need to spend! its as simple as that.

      We need two midfielders to play alongside fabregas and nasri, one of those needs to be DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER!!!!! and a world class one at that!!

      We need one world class central defender to sort out out our back line because at the moments out defence is playing the worst i have seen in 10 years.

      Toure and Silvestre are both brilliant players but someone needs to sort out the communication issues they are clearly having at the back.

      Come january i would like to see Bentner and Denilson sold, both great players but its just not working and they dont give us what we desperately need.

      I think come january it really could be make or break for the relationship between wenger and the arsenal fans.

      tough times indeed.

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      • good read. yes you are right on all.
        what he sees in denilson and bendtner only arsene knows, the fact that he took of diaby off at city says alot about arsene thinking which isn't great at the moment.
        denilson most off all was surposed to be a great hope for The Arsenal but he is no way near good enough hence why he was not even in the squad last year.
        bendtner well as i have writtern before he had chance of buying anelka for 10million in january he seems to be a bargain at the moment for chelsea who are without drogba. we could have had him instead of bendtner.
        there alot if and maybe's but come january he has to go into the kitty which i heard lasttime was around 30million sell the crap becase it ain't working and start again. january will also be good because there only be the FAcup and the CL to think about at the time.
        i find it hard seeing arsenal in 5th it could be 6th by next saturday.

    • "For those of you that are real football fans, I feel sorry for you as your situation is a rather frustrating one, but for those of you who were on here proclaiming all sorts of nonsense after your FLUKE win over the MANURE (COUGH Fred, devilfish and slayer/cojack), hang your f*cking DELUDED heads in shame ladies, you thought 'Over Before Easter' was embarrassing???!!!! "

      I haven't been here for quite while and u still miss me huh fucktard?? I'm not some glory hunting moron ok. I follow my club through thick and thin. Slayer is not me but i like that he is getting to your nerves.

      FACT FCT FACT...bla...bla...bla....give it a rest will ya?? Get a dog, get a girl friend or better get a life. king of the yahoo msg board my ass. Looks more like king of your parents basement to me.

    • obvioulsy you are right on certain points but dont get to deluded. fergie is a great manager one of the best probably behind paisley. but your time will come when fergie retires after the 2010 season as he is on running contract then we will see. also it took a robins goal against norwich to save fergie from being sacked that saturday night from the united board which included i believe sir bob.
      fergie has seen the same thing happen to him hence why he doesnt go for arsene blood right now. they share wine now by the way after a game.
      so before you get on your high horse and gallop around think about it. your manager is. oh yeah have i forgotten the huge debt that is on OT.

      i agree with you arsene needs to change his policies or principles mate thats all otherwise we are going down.
      i saw the table on saturday it felt strange being 5th.

      fergie by the way did the same thing as arsene is doing with no money he built a side of the nevilles, beckham, giggs. robins. the only thing i would like to see is arsene putting in the british players in there NOW. we cant be worse.

    • Thats disgracful how can you sack wenger! We aint all cheats like manu and chelsea! There will be a time when arsenal will win the premier league just you wait and see and anyway you cannot be a real supporter for you to have said that!
      You should be supporting the club and helping them not slatting them like the press does!
      Just so you know arsene wenger is the best thing that has happened to arsenal and you should do well to remember that ok#!

    • I don't know why a United fan would gloat so much in this way. *If* you win your game in hand you are the same distance ahead of Arsenal as you are behind Chelsea - that is, five points and a bunch of goals. If you don't win your game in hand you are just two or three points ahead of Arsenal and seven or eight behind the leaders.

      There's a long way to go yet.


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      • True Robert.
        But you forget, United have played all these really really tough teams away from home and can now walk to the finish line with a blindfold on, while Arsenal have not, Chelsea have not, Liverpool have not.
        So, because of that, we may as well hand the title to them now. So we're meant to believe.
        It's all a myth of course. Ask any honest Manc where they'd rather be right now, and it's not trailing the two front runners with all their supposed toughest fixtures out of the way. They'd rather be up there with some of those games still to come.

    • It is certainly looking bad for Arsenal at the moment. We will be battling for top 4 place.

      We do not have the individual quality in key positions to challenge for the title and we don't have the team spirit or organisation to make up for that lack of quality.

      The Mancs aren't exactly strolling though the season. Two losses and 4 draws is not what you would expect a third of the way through the season.

      Although we should have done better we have lost to two decent teams, Villa and Citeh (the best team in Manchester).

      The Mancs dropped two points against Villa and they face Citeh next week.

      Although the blue Mancs have been inconsistent I'm sure they'll be up for it and the red Mancs should prepare themselves for disappointment and more dropped points.

      Chelsea's title this season.

    • over by Nov, I applaud your generosity Prof.
      I would say over by Aug when he did not replace Flamini or for that matter, Gilberto, how we could do with him now.

      If Wenger does not learn from this, there really is no hope for him

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      • Gotta agree with you there Dave have a look at this:

        "We lacked the maturity to deal with being in a dominant situation and not getting caught; it was a free-kick to us, then a goal for them. After that the third goal was a soft penalty." from arsenal.com

        So where is this maturity going to come from??? exactly!! the man knows the team is not mature so where will the maturity come from when we're playing kids? right right when they finish their GCSE's i think. IMO i think having 1 or 2 even upto 3 kids in a team is alright but we need balanced heads which we don't have to guide the team through. RVP seems to be taking the piss as well with the attitude he's bee showing and getting into trouble of late.

      • Well i have to say we may have lost, and yes we need to sort things out, but at same time the other teams to are dropping points, and things can change withing a few weeks, Man u could lose a couple of games same as other 2 and we may well win those couple, its not over, no at present rate we wont win PL but by same token theres Nothing to say Man u will either, i think it will be down to the 2 at the top now, again as i said it can all change in a few games.