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  • geoj geoj Dec 1, 2008 06:57 Flag

    Well done, Arsenal

    The 'I told you so' rubbish coming from some posters following today's win, are amazing.
    Gunneresque appears to be the only person not to be aware that we've gone through a ropey period, and that aside from the FIVE losses to date, were actually lucky not to also have lost against Sunderland.
    AW's decision making - and particularly his decision to replace four experienced pros - Flamini, Hleb, Jens, Gilberto with just Silvestre and a couple of novices is justifiably under the spotlight given the problems.
    Of course the ranting to get rid of Le Boss was rubbish, but when things are going badly, it's entirely legitimate to discuss and debate the whys and wherefores of the situation.
    Today's win was absolutely fantastic - but it had as much to do with Chelsea playing poorly as with us playing well. We closed the game out superbly, took the goals well, and were solid in defence.
    Its amazing however how opinion is so totally divided on the roles being played by both Song and Denilson - in some reports and comments they have been panned, but in others they get a big thumbs up. I thought Denilson had one of his better games, and that Song did what was needed to prevent Chelsea scoring. For a defensive midfielder I did think that they were able to get past him too easily in the first half though..........maybe its confidence, maybe its concentration.
    I sincerely hope we have now learned our lessons, and don't take anything for granted as we head into the december programme.