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    Its over and finished!!!!!

    Its that time of year where once again our season is looking in tatters.

    The past five weeks have been the worst Ive experienced, and my memory is pretty good.

    Is it time we looked at what we have and what we have to lose come the end of the seaon. Has AW now come to the end of what has been a magical time, but this season has been one too far. Who does the buck stop with ? When do we realise finishing fifth this season is a disater? How we hang on to the players we have now?

    Lets be honest lets clear them out now before the 38th game comes and we look up at Aston Villa and cry. Lets get rid of Denilson, Bendtner, Randall, Aluminia, Gallas, Senderos and lets start looking at the lads who will play how we should.

    We need nine points over xmas and with these lads if we get three we would have done well. The game today showed once again when the back four have the ball the only option is hoof it to Adebayor and wait for someone to pay attention and run forward. Our midfield is poor, theres no width at the minute, Song is ok and Diaby needs time to wake up but Denilson is a liability waiting to happen. I dont want to talk about Bendtner or Randall and I dont see what AW see's.

    Anyone with a decent answer would be helpful not these guys who want to start a row, your slightly twisted and probably living at home with Mummy still so leave it out.

    Come on the lads proove me wrong...PLEASE

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    • We failed to close the gap once again. This was the golden opportunity where all the big 3 gained only a point. Now Villa is above and this is not the 1st time this season. We better be worry where we are rather if the big 3 will drop points. Our performances are far from convincing. I cannot remember any match that we had won convincingly this season. This worries me the most. Without Nasri & Walcott we have no width. We are always playing 4 CM in the midfiled and this makes the opponents can defend our attack easier. Cesc cant produce top form every single match especially he has to cope with the defensive work as well. Denilson certainly is not the right one along Cesc. We need Alonso. He is good at linking the backline and the frontline. He's not afraid of tackling as well. The Ade+RVP partnership is not working well i must say. I hope Eduardo will come back the next match to lead the attack with RVP.

    • The Hammers proved that there's no easy game in the EPL this season as all teams are very strong. It's difficult to believe that this is the same West Ham side Spurs outplayed at Upton Park last week, but yet caused Chelsea all sorts of problems at SB and could have sprung a surprise win today if Carlton Cole/ Behrami took any of their chances in the latter stages of the match.

      For one for sure it's too early to call, expect few more surprises against our main rivals.

      I hope Chelsea are not "mentally destroyed" by this latest setback in the backyard, lol.

    • Definately, it is all about being realistic. If Chelsea lose that will be confirmation that we are in a higely competitive season for the first time in many years. It may be that 22-24 wins is enough to win the title this year (as it has been many times in the past, even when 42 games a year were played).

      It is all dependent on Chelsea. Up till now the smaller clubs have been cannon-fodder for Chelsea. If the Pool and Arsenal losses have punctured their air of invincibility then this could end up being quite a wild season. A loss today for Chelsea would really shake things up.

      But we'd still be 6 points behind Chelsea, and 7 behind Pool.

      Two games for us stand out. Tottenham at home, leading 4-2, and then four days later at Stoke, mentally destroyed. Win those two and we are right in it. Those are the 2 results that I think will come back to haunt us the most.

    • We should be cognisant of the fact that the league is very strong this season unlike previous seasons, a total of just 2 points separate teams in the relegation zone and other top half of of the table.

      Our precarious league position isn't ideal, but lets sit back and enjoy the football instead of depressing oursleves.

      BTW, the Hammers are still holding firm thus far at SB.

      Chelsea 0 - 1 West Ham

    • No we are not contradicting ourselves at all. History shows that, in general, Championship teams are at or very near the top the whole season. Points lost early almost always cost a team in the long run. There are exceptions of course but at present we dont look like winning 16 of our final 21 games (to give us 25 wins, a good total).

      Yes, Chelsea have to go to their top rivals, but even if they lose all 3 that just puts us level (assuming Chelsea beat WH this afternoon and even if they dont it would still be a 7 point gap) with 2 games against Liverpool and away to United and Villa for us to play as well (not to mention all the banana skins waiting for us).

      A win next weekend against Liverpool keeps us in touch and then we go to Villa Park. This weekend was a golden chance for us to get right back in the thick of things and instead it was Villa that jumped into the fray. The margin for error for us is closing quickly. 2 wins keeps us in touch. 2 losses means the fight for Champions League football is truly on.

    • You're contracdicting yourself by arguing both ways.

      We are aware of the fact that Arsenal have dropped points against teams considered lesser sides but also aware there are still 21 matches to be played before now and May 2009. Chelsea have played all their home matches against the other top 4 sides and only picked up 1 point out of a total of 9 points, they still have to go to Anfield, OT and Emirates where points could be lost, therefore it's not over despite Chelsea occupying an advantageous position at present, as they say it's a marathon not a sprint. More points will still be lost by all teams challenging for the title.

      Lets not write-off Arsenals chances prematurely until it's over. In their last 3 home games Liverpool have only managed 3 draws, and will drop more just like ourselves and other rival teams before the season ends. ManUre have struggled to break down Spurs and Sunderland recently, relying on a lucky break to defeat the latter relegation fodder side.

      None of the title rivals did better than Arsenal this weekend, lets calm down and not work ourselves into a depressive state before the title is decided. Still more points to play for.

    • Bingo. People often seem to think that dropped points at the start of the season somehow disappear.

      No we are not out of it, certainly not if we beat Liverpool next week. Chelsea are the ones who need to drop points. United, Pool and ourselves all drop points againt lesser teams but Chelsea tend to steamroller those teams. If Chelsea win today they go top and 9 ahead of us, despite losing to both Liverpool and Arsenal and drawing with United, all at home. They are flat-track bullies, and this year that might be all you need.

      I think as of this afternoon Chelsea will become the team to beat.

    • spot on badboy, there's not a chance of Ashley Young moving this year. If Villa were mid-table that'd be a possibility, but not when he has the best chance ever of doing something positive with O'Neill.

      ..... and I wish that Gunneresque, or whoever he/she is would stop prattling on about it not being over until May 2009 - can't he do maths - to date we have lost 8-9 pts on the leaders, and in the next few months if we continue to under perform we might be 15-20 pts behind - if that's the case then it will be over FOR US (because that's what we're talking about) in March - so don't get so fixated with May - May only becomes relevant if we are performing NOW, and picking up points NOW.

    • You are absolutely right. Why would Young want to join us at the moment?

      There are only two reasons:

      1. Money
      2. The thought that Arsenal represent the better long-term option for success and glory.

      The two go hand in hand. As long as players view Arsenal as an "in-between" club, which given our current spending policy is accurate, we would have no chance of getting players like Young at the moment.

    • You pathetic cunt Slayer. Now where's that apology ?

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