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  • The Londoners The Londoners Dec 23, 2008 04:44 Flag

    The ref got it right.

    Enough of this un- educated horse shit.Despite your name you probably have never played football in your life. There were only two players Liverpool had to get rid of and get a win at the Emirates, and they succeded in the first, but came unstuck with second. Gerrard is a past master at faking it, and its well known that when Liverpool are chasing a winner or equaliser late in the game, watch for him wanting the ball outside the penalty area and then charging in with the ball looking for foul or penalty. It is also well known that despite referees being regarded as unbiased or completely neutral, some are known by nature not to having a liking for certain players. I strongly suspect this to be the case with Adebayor. If you have a video of the game in question, take a longer look at the referee, he's practically waiting for the opportunity, and as for the so called 'flailing' arm, Adebayor, in case you hadn't noticed, is well over 6 feet tall, has long arms and legs, is a striker, and was back helping his defence, a set of cicumstances that the referee fouled to take into account. And we shall not go into the fact that he was the otherside of the player fouled and was looking directly at Adebayor, a fact quickly picked up by the well coached Liverpool player, who duly went down as though he were pole axed. Lets face it when a team like Arsenal play the way they do, and make the opposition look like waxworks from Madame Tausaud's standing there, what does a professional footballer manager do? The answer to that is recorded in the horrendous injury list Wenger has had to put up with season after season. Because you can rest assured that when Tony Adams and the ring of iron were around, it certainly didn't happen then. Agreed?