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    After the villa game he was asked by Match of the day if he will be using the upcoming transfer window to bring in any new players...

    Wenger replied “No, not at the moment. I wont be signing any players”

    Not the news you all wanted?

    Scrooge also said that he still thinks that Arsenal can win the championship!!!


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    • Same old story.

      To be fair Wenger has always pulled the whole "i wont sign any players" line in most interviews and he always brings in one or two players....its just the quality and experience of the players he brings in that is the issue.

      I remember years back now when we were playing players like Aliadiere, Lupoli, Sidwell and Bentley in the Carling cup and Wenger was sticking to his youngsters policy because these were the players for the future.... i was under the impression he meant our future!

      Where are all those players now? two of them have scored AGAINST us this season and one was a heavy influence for Villa yesterday in their comeback! and lets all be honest now, Villa could have been 4-0 up at half time yesterday and we did not even deserve a draw.

      Today i read Wenger is blasting the refs again! has he not seen the replay of the penalty inccident? it was a penalty!!! and another bad defensive mistake.

      Its got the point now where im actually sick of looking at some of their faces.

      There is no way we are going to win the league. Fact. Get used to it.

      If we spend in january then its possible we can finish third or maybe second if we get a miracle.

      I heard players like Ribery and Tevez mentioned... i wish. those are two players who could turn any team around! grit, determination, power and pure proven class.

      but they are just press day dreams and not the kind of players that give Wenger a hard on, he gets a semi at best.

      I think selling is just as important as buying this january! certain players have to go because you can clearly see that the negative attitude is spreading like the plague amongst the squad.

      I know we have been unlucky with injuries this season, i know that we have some great players to come back but they will not hit the ground running, for players like Rosicky, Eduardo, Fabregas and Walcott it will be too little too late by the time they are match fit and on form.

      Right now we need a solution. Most Arsenal fans i know wear their hearts on their sleeves and im saying right now i have had enough.

      January is the most important month for our club in a very long time.

      I honestly believe that if we keep the same squad for the rest of the season that it will be the start of a very dark time for our club and for all the fans.

      call me negative but i have seen enough over the years to know when things are not right and something needs to be done.

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      • And just what have you had enough of? Too many injuries perhaps, the team not performing to your standards or expectations. The wrong players perhaps, or maybe its having your pride hurt by results recently, like Hull to mention but one of a number of teams who play against Arsenal as though the sun will never shine again if they don't win. Witness the fury boiling up in the Villa manager, staring down the barrel of a gun he meant to aim at Arsenal and finding himself 2 nil down, and then wonder if the ref. was intimidated at half time. Wenger has no need to lie or make up such things. The penalty? The tackle was legitimate at speed, as stated and witnessed by a majority of reporters. Gallas knew from experience that if he didn't get something of the ball it was curtains. Agbon. knew this too, which is the reason he went down. Villa were getting pretty desperate by that time, and to be honest if I were him, I would have done the same.
        I've wept in the passed about some Arsenal performances and some teams they have had, a hell of a lot longer than you can imagine, so don't test me on it. That was all of course before Arsene Wenger came along and gave us the kind of football that seemed from another planet and was the envy of the world, and it wasn't a case of will Arsenal win, but by how much., And so I am tired of reading stuff from Neo Arsenal "Fans" bitching and whingeing when things are not going so well. Money never bought success, and Wenger has spent years trying to drum this point into your thick heads. He hardly payed a bean for Henry, Lumberg, Viera, etc. but didn't the others cough up for them afterwards. So get off of his back and try to remember who supplied the 'gravy train' for you to taste the success.

      • brilliant post from a true fan a guy who actually probably lives in London which is rare on this post! some dumpy didnt know where London Colney was!
        Everything you said is correct, I do just feel that wenger should try to tell us the truth I saw his speech at the AGM if he tells them then he should tell us its our club after all.
        Some of the names been mentioned are wild ones the wildest has to be Treves Sir Al must be laughing at that one.
        the time for a manager is when the fans know more than the manager and that point has come and gone, if you ask me we are back to when he came here all those years ago. and then he bought heavily Henry, Viera etc. what annouys me is he did it before why not now.
        the players i would sell: