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  • geoj geoj Dec 28, 2008 07:45 Flag

    Arsene Scrooge....

    AW's hardly going to announce on MOTD that he's planning to sign anyone - it doesn't mean that he won't.

    The current 'project he has embarked on is a world of difference to that when he signed TH14, or Overmars, Pires, Reyes, et al....... and so has the transfer market.

    The committment to youth is a dangerous, and a courageous move - and has perhaps been forced on him by the spiralling overheads that result from investing in a new stadium.

    He said last year that he wouldn't sign new players, and that his primary objective was to keep the squad that he had been building - that didnt work, as attested to by the departures of Hleb, Flamini, Senderos, Gilberto and Jens.......

    So what now - he says he won't sign - but I don't see that - and if Bendtner and Gallas agitate for a move, he will be forced to enter the market.

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    • Sorry to say but I am loosing faith in Wenger, If the club have no funds available why not just say so but the boardroom keep coming up with "we have funds" if Arsen wants them
      He cannot be that blind we need a defencive midfielder and now due to Cese injury we could do with a play maker as well
      we need a defence Never in all the years I Have supported have our defence been so bad!!
      He is beginning to sound like George" the bung" gaddafi Graham !!
      How can he not think he cant improve on what we have on show???
      IMO he needs to ship some never going to be good enough young players out get some older experienced heads in to bring the youngsters on alongside for at least 2-3 years and you never know we might start to win things again.
      Fancy football is nice to watch, it does not leave you praying that Wright will not score in the first half at the clock end and all the Arsenal will do is defend the lead when you have paid for a season ticket in the North Bank 1-0 to the Arsenal was not pretty but I do feel we also have to re-learn how to win that way or win "ugly" as the saying goes
      I have sadly had to give up my season ticket as i cant afford it any longer along with the commute, but the failure to keep a 2 goal lead (which we did not deserve if I am honest villa were all over us like a bloody rash!) is to me very very worrying