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  • Xavier C Xavier C Jan 4, 2009 20:35 Flag

    anti-AW,time to listen

    some pessimists say AW is too tight.others say is stubborn.one member of the board says AW has the money to spend,another one says we don't have money. AW says we need to stick to our policy and means.so who's to blame?

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    • give them a break??huh??we're fifth in the league...and we play with no confidence..even our passing is poor..i cant bear to see them in action..well..what i have to say..is no time for giving them a break..

    • It's a pity that nobody seems to give the present Arsenal players any credit what so ever, and that can't be good for their moral at all. All you seem to be talking about is bringing players in (and God only knows who!) to cover for the likes of Walcott and company. But what about the guy's who are doing their best to maintain a decent position in the league? Give them a break for Christ's sake. Just how would you feel, trotting out there every week, feeling that everyone seems to want you replaced. I know how I would feel...'.F.... it ! why should I bother ' that's what I would feel, and players are no different - if you have ever played the game !!
      And really, at the end of the day, it's only a game.

    • I always said that blaming AW for not signing a world class £25m player was a bit over the top.another rosicky or hleb quality player costing £11m is reasonable.
      I look at chelsea.They got rid of avram and got a top draw manager in scolari but so far nothing has happened to them.Ramos was also a flop at tottenham even though he is an excellent manager.look at AC MILAN,full of top world class players but they are playing UEFA cup and are inconsistent in their league.
      Remember a bergkamp,henry,vieira,pires or fabregas are very rare species.Remember their first season at highbury(bergy,TH and pires).
      Downloading this reality in our mind will call for patience.

    • We all share ur pain devil...I am of the opinion that over the last 6 months things have changed considerably and its only the beggining...

      Instead of buying in the summer when funds where made available Le Boss decided thot it was frugal to spend such exorbitant sums on either inler or arshavin...besides he felt he maybe able to get away with players on the ground....

      I am convinced that the cash is there but the club are not being quite as obliging to AW ..he really could've spent 30-40m in the summer if he had wanted....the forecast for this year is awful...so everyone and anyone who has some cash is gonna hold onto it...

      If there will be any addition to the squad it will be a single player costing no more than 8-12m

    • Some great comments.Exiles you are a breath of fresh air to this board,so much sense spoken,cheers mate.

    • The Kalou rumour and Inler were both truth as it was widely reported at the time by their current clubs. I'm not too sure if we actually enquired about Alonso or not.


    • paul c,you are again spot on.as for EXILES,if we ignore the comments of the board,why can't we ignore AW's comment too?

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      • Because Wenger ALWAYS quotes via the official media, ie. the club Website. Any other quotes you see from Wenger apart from the occasional post match one liner on Sky or the BBC are second hand and more often than not mis-quoted.

        Ferguson caught on to that long ago too and uses the club press conferences and official website to say his bit, most of the tabloid quotes are sexed up to make often boring statements look more juicy.

        What don't you understand Xavier?....Only believe anything from Directors or Management that you see on Arsenal.com or official Press conferences you watch yourself....if it's in the newspapers or on Internet Sports News pages....take it with a pinch of salt.

      • Paul C ....I am glad someone here is at least making sense..

        I read the rantings and ravings of the deluded majority which includes majority here and the media...about how AW needs to spend...

        It is just as simple and I am sure the board is with AW ....spend 60m get so called world class stars you may win the league or CL....and be able to repay ur debts...

        Hold out cautiously maybe bring in 1 or 2 players and hope that with our returnees from sick bay we may be able to hold on to 4th and perhaps FA cup ...and they have settled for the latter...

        AW WILL NOT BUY A 20-30M player stop living in cuckoo land!!...infact I don't see him spending more than 8-10m this window...

        Paul made a useful point there if we miss out on 4th will the club be viable ...I think more likely but if we spend 60m and don't win and the financial crisis deepens...we may have had it...

    • I think all of your comments may be right Xavier. AW is stubborn in his ideals, but that isnt necessarilly a bad thing by itself. He doesnt have a lot of money to spend, but there is SOME cash if he decides to buy.

      Ultimately I think he and the board will probably spend little or no money this January. Not in the current economic situation. The last thing that Arsenal want to do at the current time is get ourselves into the position Chelsea and Liverpool are in, whereby success is not only desired, but absolutely necessary for the long-term survival of the club.

      Arsenal could afford two or three years without Champions League football without any serious problems. Chelsea and Liverpool obviously couldnt and I think AW and the Board are determined to keep it that way until the economic situation improves.