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  • London Exiles London Exiles Jan 5, 2009 04:19 Flag

    anti-AW,time to listen

    Because Wenger ALWAYS quotes via the official media, ie. the club Website. Any other quotes you see from Wenger apart from the occasional post match one liner on Sky or the BBC are second hand and more often than not mis-quoted.

    Ferguson caught on to that long ago too and uses the club press conferences and official website to say his bit, most of the tabloid quotes are sexed up to make often boring statements look more juicy.

    What don't you understand Xavier?....Only believe anything from Directors or Management that you see on Arsenal.com or official Press conferences you watch yourself....if it's in the newspapers or on Internet Sports News pages....take it with a pinch of salt.

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    • well said london...the bottomline is the club has decided to be conservative rather than expansive...and and if anyone doesn't like it they can take a stroll to WHL.....

      They have decided it may be better to have a club cum 2010 than to have silverware but no club.....or worse still no silverware and no club....lol......don't get me wrong by 2010 some clubs will have gone under ...and I don't just mean west ham...

      Somehow I get the feeling our financial situation is much worse than they are leading us to believe...

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      • I know some people don't like to hear it but the truth is sometimes hard to handle, if anyone needs reminding that big money doesn't always buy a succesful PL player then look no further than Shevchenko and his big money move to Chelsea that fell flat on it's expensive face.....and does anyone on here really believe that Robbie Keane at £20m was good transfer business for Liverpool?

        The truth is the next few months will see plenty of clubs, including a few Premier League clubs, teeter on the brink of administration.

        So no Wenger won't be spending big money on transfers this January and probably not in any transfer window in the near future.....probably not again in his tenure as Manager of Arsenal.
        He will once again attempt to lure in a couple of not so well known european players or maybe even a couple of players already in the Premiership.

        The credit crunch is hitting hard everywhere, even Abramovich had Kenyon warning of little transfer activity at Chelsea in 2009.
        Portsmouth are having to be sold to make up for the fortune the club owner has lost over the last few months, he is set to sell off two or three of his best and most valuable players this month to claw back some of his expenditure.
        West Ham also look set to lose most of their best players, and Everton have been effectively up for sale for the last 18 months, and no-one even showed real interest in buying Newcastle when Ashley put them on the market.
        Wigan are the latest club who look set to be put up for sale as the JJB fortunes dwindle and no new money looks set to be invested in the current economic crisis.

        And as the banks start to panic it will be those with the biggest loans that will come under intense pressure, I think we all know who those clubs are.....Success is great, but not at any cost!

      • One of the biggest problems is that over the past ten years we have all had the myth pounded into us that the CL is absolutely necessary for big clubs. Of course Milan arent in it this year and they are fine. And Juve got relegated for goodness sake and they are fine. But if Arsenal miss out all our players will leave and our club will be finished. It is a dangerous misperception.

        For Chelsea the CL is positively absolutely necessary. They are screwed if they miss out (and if they lose to United this weekend and Villa and us win, then Chelsea enter the dogfight for the final CL places).

        Six months ago I was one of the people who wanted us to spend and spend big. Now I think there is a real possibility that the bubble could burst and if it does, we will all be praising the board to high heaven in five years for steering the club wisely through this period.

        If the bubble doesnt burst then the worst that can happen is that we go a few more years without trophies and a few of the young players we have may decide to go elsewhere. But the club will survive.

        One of those cases where it may be better to be safe than sorry.