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  • Swerve Swerve Jan 15, 2009 05:18 Flag

    Wenger the Magnificent????

    Yes but Paul this is the problem.

    He has perfected the art of being thereabouts on a budget, and no-one can argue that.

    But he always fallen short in the real 2 achievements a great manager can point to.

    1. Retaining the title.

    2. Winning the Champions League (mighty mighty close though).

    And THIS is why he pisses me off!

    He has always been capable of doing it, and in the years to come people will ask why it never happened.

    The man likes to handicap himself and shove his principles in other people's faces.

    You could also argue that his man-management hasn't worked when players leave and let their contracts run down.

    And to be honest this season he is hanging by a thread in terms of what he can get out of this squad.

    They might scrape the CL or miss it completely and this is simply negligence.