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  • Swerve Swerve Jan 16, 2009 18:55 Flag

    Wenger the Magnificent????

    He hasn't HAD to operate with these constraints at all.

    He has chosen to.

    As you have been told for 3 years now.

    And still you seem bemused with the whole thing lol

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    • I agree with what Paul has said Wenger has surely outdone himself with what he has achieved with the current squad.

      We all know the squad is fairly average and needs an injection of quality but everyone seems to be jumping on Wenger for his transfer activity.Everyone seems to forget Diarra wanted to go as did Hleb,Gilberto lost his legs and Flamini was not very open about what he was planning on doing.Senderos.......well where do we start.Yeah quality players were needed but big money was also needed and lets all be honest WE havent got it despite what the club are saying.We arent backed by Billionaires and our only real debt is the stadium, onces thats gone I think we can look forward to multi million pound signings but until then we have to be patient.

      Back to the point he has done well getting the younger players to step up but for me the older players seem to be the ones letting us down.Gallas has been naff, and I think that has exposed Clichy can't blame the kid hes been outstanding for previous 2 seasons.The centre half partnership seems to be our biggest downfall,until thats sorted our defence as awhole will struggle as there the guys full backs work off.As for Mids,Denilsons done ok for 1st full season starting,Cescs carried us and his injury may do us good like when Henry left(Still one of the worse team decisions but great financially) Wall E,Rosicky would have made a difference,no top 4 teams would cope.This for me lets Wenger see who the boys that are ready to make that step up and who arent.ie Diaby,Ramsey,Bendtner etc.Also Ade has been poor compared to last season and RVP has been ok but hardly the David Villa(Insert Goalscorer here) we need.

      Make no doubt this season has been a bit of a disastor and I truely believe we'll be lucky to claim 4th, but maybe.....just maybe this will sort the squad players and the naff.What my fear will be is losing Wenger,lets all ask ourselves who could develop players like him.We pay them decent wages but if these guys become as great as Wenger believes then this team will be assembled at a fraction of the cost.I know its a lot of ifs but surely that'll be the same as buying a big name player.Malouda has hardly set the world alight,Owen hardly prolific,Torres has his fair share of injuries,Keane not exactly baggin for fun.
      The transfer market I think can be a bit harsh,you spend top dollar and if the player screws up you lose,you get a cheap player who comes good you have far more wins.