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  • Layla Layla Jan 30, 2009 09:18 Flag


    from on outsiders point of view i dont mind when manager make wrong decisions on debatable issues but when they do basic, obvious, commen sense mistakes then theres no excuse. for example the other nite rafa takes gerrard & torres off. he won them the champs league so he must be good but to do that the other nite is unforgivable. in my mind theovious,basic, commen sense mistakes wenger has made are,
    1-not buying a player with physical presence to add some steel.
    2-given bendtner so many chances, he will never be good enough for u.
    3-not buying a proven out & out goalscorer
    4-playing too many youngsters
    5-neglacting experience
    they are things i think are very obvious.
    there are other issues u iv seen mentioned but i but i personally think there debatable.