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    Abysmal and Abysmal.

    I can't think of any other words to describe this team. This is not a team at the moment. They are a collection of arrogant self glorifying individuals. Never have I seen a worse Arsenal team even before the days of AW. They can't put 3 touches together in the first half, let alone 3 passes.

    I have noticed they only start playing in the last 10 minutes of every game even when we are losing.

    I said it before and I will say it again. They need a change in management. AW had been good, but for 2 seasons, he hasn't shown us anything to be proud of. Not the playing staff, not the playing style, not the players he brought in, neither the in the way he let good players go and keep rubbish in the team. How many times we found ourselves in the box only to pass our way back to the keeper? This team is no longer the exciting team of DB, TH and PV. Lets face it, Arsenal is not going to win anything with their mentality of walking into the net anymore. We have scored more goals this season and last from route 1 direct football than open play.

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    • Work Rate.

      Adebayor - 2/10
      RVP - 7/10
      Nasri - 5/10
      Diaby - 4/10
      Denilson - 4/10
      Eboue - 4/10

      Just check out how Tevez play in Man U. He always putting pressure on opanent thus bounding oponents to make hasty bad passes & this is where Man U construct their goals.

      What does our Adebayor / Bentner do.... they just wait ... wait & wait....

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      • True and the sad thing is that a player like RVP should be the 7/10 whilst most of his team mates are at 8-10/10. When he is the hardest working guy you have a problem.

        He is a not a work horse by style but put some around him including a real goal threat and this guy becomes a real monster.

        I think he was even more dangerous when Henry was around and look what he did for Holland when he played alongside RVN (real striker), Kuyt (work horse) and Robben (big threat who requires two defenders at times).

    • Well thats wonderful from a supporter and I.m sure the opposition will be well pleased to hear it. Every great man has his admirers, and they are usually the ones that write his obituary. Like Ceasar, I'm sure Wenger is too decent a man to be looking over his shoulder for a Brutus like yourself Gooner F (I cant imagine what the F stands for). The next time you have a shave assuming you are old enough or man enough, take a long look and ask yourself ' Can I be trusted when things are not looking too good for my friends? '
      Two words to describe Arsenal ? Honesty and Integrity, having never sold it's soul to greed.

    • from on outsiders point of view i dont mind when manager make wrong decisions on debatable issues but when they do basic, obvious, commen sense mistakes then theres no excuse. for example the other nite rafa takes gerrard & torres off. he won them the champs league so he must be good but to do that the other nite is unforgivable. in my mind theovious,basic, commen sense mistakes wenger has made are,
      1-not buying a player with physical presence to add some steel.
      2-given bendtner so many chances, he will never be good enough for u.
      3-not buying a proven out & out goalscorer
      4-playing too many youngsters
      5-neglacting experience
      they are things i think are very obvious.
      there are other issues u iv seen mentioned but i but i personally think there debatable.

    • I am sorry you feel that way guys.... and fatlad, I know you are disappointed too. Lets face it. We all are. But that is not my point. I am not a fairweather fan. But I am definitely not an AW loyalist that turn a blind eye to all the wrong he committed. Cmon, I am an Arsenal fan first of all and always will be. But my point is Arsenal are playing like sissies. There is no fire in the belly, they are jogging around the park and expecting to win all time while the other team is giving their all. The only time I saw the boys flying in with commitment in their tackles was against Man Utd and Chelsea. Both of which we won. My question is, why can't we treat all games equally? I know teams go on the defensive when they play us, but so do they when they play Man U and Chelsea. So why can't we play in a different style to win the game? We have proven we can do it. In the last 10 minutes of every game now, we see the real arsenal with a bit more urgency, commitment, and adrenalin. That is also why we score the most goals towards the end of the game. But that is also because we haven't had the game won by then. We are kicking ourselves in the foot and standing on thin ice. The result hinges on these 10 minutes could go either way. Sure you can see that?

    • Of course I dont but if you put six fans in a people carrier like we do when we travel up you wont find any two of us picking the same ideal team. because we all have our own minds and its just our opinions. like it is your opinion that there should be a revolution

    • Listen even you know better than him on team selection somestimes.

      Even you.

    • But swerve he still knows better then you regarding team selection and coaching or you would be in a job like his. Wenger thinks he knows best fair enough, we all know he thinks that. but dont you see?
      SO DO YOU
      difference is he is managing Arsenal and you are just making posts on a forum about a coming revolution. and you call Wenger deluded?

    • That revolution thing was a joke.

      Listen mate if you are that sensitive about a bit of banter how the f*ck would you have survived in the old North Bank or Clock End?

      Typical Gooner? You?

      Where are you from?

      You don't convince me, sorry.

    • I used to think that Dave, I really did, but something in me has snapped and I can't see him changing.

      He is just too far up his own arse now.

      Remember how he was quite humble when he first came, that little curious smile and an eager look in his eye?

      Now he looks like he knows better than everyone no matter who or what he talks about, and I blame the culture of treating him like a God for that.

      It happens to movie stars, pop stars, thich players like Ade, great players like Maradona.

      They change, they believe the hype.

      Wenger has clearly demonstrated he isn't, even though we would all love him to be.

      The man re-affirms that with every single word he says now, deluded to the end.

    • But that is my exact point. you are not typical of the Arsenal fans I know and see all the time. when they start to whinge like you I will be convinced. until then you are a revolution that will struggle to get off of the ground
      You can be as sarcastic and as rude as you like to those who dont agree with you. its only an internet forum so your temper and high blood pressure are confined to you and your keyboard

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