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  • RVP was on the bench as he was fatigued. if you think Wenger wouldnt have played him if he was 100% fit then you are stupid

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    • Why do you call people who have a difference of opinion to yours stupid? why so confrontational?
      I think you're blinkered mate, Fatigued??? oh poor boy- Clichy has played just about every game running up and down the wing, but he's not fatigued.
      I think in fact some of Wengers selction tactics are just daft at the moment- Eboue has been awful for ages, no other top side manager would tolerate him, and Bentnder even though he has scored a couple recently is generally p*sspoor but he still gets played, whereas RVP has been the mainstay of the team, but gets benched cos hes a bit tired? giveover.