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    Sundays game at the lane

    Well well my north London brothers look like you might have signed a gem in (Arseshavin) hehe ...look forward to the game at the lane Sunday ...hope he plays ..and our "New" boy robbie plays too

    if the game is anything like the game at your gaff , we are in for a treat


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    • i take it your addressing me?

      1.i was making the point the "invincibles" achievment was arguably the greater achievment as it will be remembered far far longer than a points tally. i believe i,m correct, also i believe we clocked up a healthy "win" tally that season anyhow!!

      2.the "top" teams DO on the whole view the carling cup as "second rate" you only have to look at the teams they have fielded to realise this surely? granted, both chelsea and man utd have fielded pretty strong teams this year, arsenal on the other hand have always fielded weakened teams, i cant see them doing that in say the champions league, therefore we regard the competition less. i believe i,m correct.

      3.it is the nature of banter to deride each others teams, dont take it personally, its not meant that way at all, its only a game, where people kick a leather ball around full of air you know, i,m sure you spurs fans are every bit as good/bad and varied as us in the real world, you just made a bad judgement when it came to picking a team.

      4.arguing irrelevant points? hmm.....i do believe everything i stated WAS relevant,i did have a dig at harry's defensive record,true and it was you who derided wenger and his defensive record, i defended this and pointed out the facts,something you didnt manage, i,d still like to know who signed lehmann,lauren,campbell and cygan by the way, seeing as you stated it wasnt wenger (maybe cole too, though i,m not sure)

      5. dumbass?.....................i,ll never claim to know all there is to know, and i stand to be corrected and will take it on the chin when i am proven wrong, even if i do look a twat.

      6.question is..................?

      much love.

    • No need to sling shit atTottenham with the barrow boy Harry in charge, he will do all the damage. He's had his talent spotters out on Hackney Marshes Sunday mornings, in case Keane proves to be the wrong rabbit out of Harry's hat.
      Lets buy another one Harry! there's plenty more in the Tottenham coffers. You have to get it right sooner or later, and probably not at all, and then it will be time to move on again to the next mug club.

    • typical dumbass arse fan.
      u wud rather get lets points but remain unbeaten! how dumb is that!
      how can u criticise so called 2nd rate trophys when u arent winning 1st rate trophys??? maybe if u were winning 1st rate trophys u could criticize but somehow i dont think u are going to the league.
      all u can do is have ago at my teams achivements,but i havent even argued those achivements are mentioned them.
      dont join a debating team,ud be awful, ud be arguing irrelevant points!

    • enjoy your night, roll on sunday.

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    • Its mine as well, it means so much to so many people - anyway, must go my missus is waiting for me to take her out!

    • now THAT my furry friend IS a qoute! the kipling one, i,m afraid yours didnt quite hit the button, well, not at this juncture anyhow! lol

      IF........my favourite poem,no less!

      che guevara had that consigned to memory apparently, in my opinion if you can live life the way that poem states then you truly are a man.

      no easy feat......i guess thats how spurs are viewing sundays game huh? lol

    • Well how about this for a saying "A man does not aspire to anything in life, if all he wants in life is DUST"

      A Wolfcastle original...

      Or... "If you can fill the unforgiving minute
      With sixty second's worth of distance run
      Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it
      And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my Son"

      Rudyard Kipling

      Now thats a quote Fab

    • personally i,d have the dust and yet aim for the true glory and fail if need be, rather than be content with mere trinkets!


      not really....that was me, more confused than confuscious! lol

      (could you tell?)

    • The LC is plated silver, NOT SOLID,just like Spurs!lol

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