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  • Govinda Govinda Feb 5, 2009 20:43 Flag

    why will we only be out of the CL for 1 year?

    With Cesc we dropped 21 points in the PL over a span of 17 games.

    Without Cesc we dropped 6 points in 6 games.

    (please correct me if I miss counted)

    Now I am not saying we don't miss him, we do.

    What I am saying is his absence (and Walcotts as well) is not the only reason we struggle.

    I continue to be surprised that there seem to be many who think our current weakness is a result of injuries to key players.

    If we finnish 5th, what makes people think we will be out of the CL for only one year?

    Are we likely to address our problems? Is it likely AW knows our problems? Will what ever reasons that kept AW from moving in the transfer window last summer have vanished?

    The way I see it, if we miss 4th and hence a CL spot there is no guarantee we will reclaim this spot the following year unless we recognize we did not have the squad to compete and do something about this.

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    • Would you like me to become an honoury Gooner Swerve?

      I'm off tomorrow for a couple of months but maybe on my return you can bestow the honour on me?

    • Simple... at this moment in time they deserve it more. Have you not checked the league table, Fred?

    • Derek, how do you justify your arguement about Villa? We led the league for longer periods last season but it is the final day that counts. It is a marathon. It does not matter who dashed off the quickest. It is about who finished first

    • Our team is nearly their but not good enough. At the beginning of the season, many fans like me were crying hoarse over the holes in our defensive set up. In hindsight to our dismay we were proven right.

      Swerve the much maligned so called "pessimist" saw it. Many other fans along with me saw our glaring deficiencies. But Wenger decided to nothing against it. Instead tried to promote his pet project of "grooming" the youngsters.

      The predictable inconsistency is there for all to see. We win against ManU and Chelsea but fail miserably against Hull and Co.

      Coming to the point why we will be out of CL for one year (if we dont qualify at all, I still believe we will nick the 4th place in the last weeks on the season) and not more is because we have a team which is nearly there.

      A good enough team doesn't win much if anything at all.(Liverpool is the exception which defines this point.) But we are still miles ahead of Villa and Man City in terms of quality and most importantly the mentality and set up!

      If we can keep most of this team and make one or two sensible buys, we will not only retain or regain the CL spot but we can also challenge for the EPL.

      We need depth of squad and some more more quality in our defensive play. Be it a CM or CM. And most importantly we need a leader to bind the team together.

      Bring back Henry if Barca wants to offload him! He won't be the feared leader he was before but he will be respected and he can put the fighting hens back in their pens!

      The shock of not being in the CL will surely make AW abandon his pigheadedness and he will reinforce the squad for sure! He is a shrewd operator but somehow along the lines he seems to have mixed his definitions of club success.

      Having 5 talented teenagers or keeping the books balanced should not be his priorities. He has to see how he can bring the club closer to success. He can do it. And at the moment he is our only chance of doing it! If he were to leave we would be in transition for another half a decade.

      So, provided AW is there and "if" we do slip out of the top 4, I believe we will be back in the CL the very next year. But we are going to qualify for the CL, AV had too many fortuitous results. (More than us!) There luck is bound to run out just like Liverpool's did after their streaky wins at the beginning of the season.

    • what do any of these have to do with me? Focus on football rather than trying to guess who is behind ids.

      Many characters on these boards change ids all the time, some like Chris don't hide it and others like slayer do. In the end you are best of by only responding to the message rather than the messenger.

      It works for me.

    • I think this Lee personality is just a bit paranoid and actually quite boring. Thanks for confirming my assertion that it was not my post which was refered to.

    • Thanks Paul. And by the way I always respect your views and realize they are more moderate than mine.

    • paul c, or this one?

      "OK, so you have serial IDs rather than multiple ones. God, your ego must be big if you think "EVERYONE" is fully aware of who you are all the time. And you still haven't told where in Manchester you are from.

      Nothing to do with being slow today - the majority of users on here have used many IDs, and there are some who either closely imitate your prose, or are actually you. Don't blame me for the confusion caused by this.

      And how does Anderson starting and Scholes being a bench player prove your point? "

      see what i mean. still sticking my neck on the line paul?

    • paul c, how do you explain his other id below:

      "The Professeur you have lost alot of credibility in my eyes in the past few months. This rooneymagic is clearly one of your IDs and if your going to deny it then you'll go down even lower in my opinion. You used to be a good reason for coming to these boards with your knowledgable football related debates, you seem to have gone down the route of petty 'insults'.

      The fact you always turn up straight after this rooneymagic posts can be no cooincidence. I can point out many situations if you wish."

      dont be easily fooled.

    • I'm a bit surprised at your negative view of things Marintii, 5th at the present moment in time hardly means a definite 5th at the end of the season.

      It's not as if the points gap between 2nd and 5th is massive, the team are on a good unbeaten run and with a new signing and injured players coming back over the next few weeks it's hardly panic station.

      Ok, so Arsenal are unlikely to overturn United's lead at the top, but Liverpool and Chelsea are looking anything but confident and Villa have some telling matches coming up over the next five weeks.

      And yet you are taking a negative view of the club statement regarding missing the CL for a season, they were answering direct questions on what would happen if they finished 5th, better to be honest than come up with excuses.

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      • exile I hope we will finish 4th. The point I was trying to make is not that there is anything wrong with being able to financially deal with being out of the CL but rather that this does not guarantee that we will only be out for one year.

        If we miss the CL this year (finish 5th) than I am not so sure it will be because of injuries, in which case of course next year would look good. I think if we miss, yes IF, it will be because of our squad not being good enough rather than a fluky one off reason.

        So I hope first that we will finish in the top 4, which given Chelsea's and Pool's recent problems is still a real posibility, but if we don't, I hope we will not shy away from looking at the reasons for this failure. Which IMO includes addressing central defense and possibly LB as well as depth at striker and strength in midfield.

        But this is just my opinion.

      • Chelski are going to have to replace Lampard Belleti Carvahalo Ferrira Ballack Deco Drogba and Anelka as they are all 30+ this year so if they had the money to splash they would have started already rather than getting a loanee in Liverpool have just sold their title chance to the spuds and have to settle a large debt in the summer Man C who knows what they are going to actualy do ManU will be there as they have a squad that has plenty of young talent the only thing that could upset them is if SAF leaves but no one knows when that will be so we are looking pretty good right now wehave a squad that is improving with age and a manager that knows what he wants and a managble debt that is not a problem to repay so I would say we are one of the few clubs that dont need to worry

      • We're on an unbeaten run, but how many of those have we won? Villa seem to be picking up those points though.

        I hear what you're saying Exiles, but we also have an equally challenging 2nd half of the season... we go to Old Trafford, Anfield, and host Chelsea. Our squad is stretched very thin and there is nothing to say that we won't suffer more injuries, or Villa stay lucky with theirs.

        Fact of the matter is that we shouldn't be in this position - it was entirely avoidable with a little more action to cover the obvious weakness in the squad... after all, AW himself said that we needed a central midfielder preferably with EPL experience in the close season... and what happened? Nothing and it's become a real problem all season...

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