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  • Fred E Fred E Feb 6, 2009 08:22 Flag

    Villa vs Arsenal for 4th

    Some Arsenal fans here believe Villa deserve to finish ahead of Arsenal based on half a season. So should we have been given the titlelast year based on that arguement?

    Like i stated elsewhere, it is a marathon. It does not matter how you started. It is about who finishes first. And what makes some think we will not finish above 4th?

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    • Spursbabe, try typing in English, you are just as delusional as this sad bunch, spurs will fight relagation while frasenal will fight it out with Everton for 5th spot. then you will both bitch and moan about how hard done by you have been.

    • i wouldnt worry about villa coz chelsea area poora geing team on the down, and rafa is making sure liverpool fall away 2.
      i reckon u will finish 2nd but way behind man utd. the title is going to be so boring this season, man u to win it by easter.
      i no hate man utd more than arsenal coz they win everythin.
      i always want u,liverpool & chelsea to beat them. but i cant see any1 getting close to man u this season

    • Somehow that Villa is going to finish top 4 may not be in doubt...whether you like it or not they keep producing ...its up to our lads to produce...

      I get the feeling we will not be competing with Villa ...we may have have to slug it out with the L'pool or the Chavs...

    • Paps you are dillusional , finish 2nd and above Villa? come off it, you been smoking too much of the good stuff mate.

    • personally I am looking at 1st spot. I feel if we can win 12 games and draw 2 anything will be possible. Can AFC win 12 to 13 games. Yes we can !

    • I'm not correcting Paul, Freddy... Paul's always measured, balanced, and informed in his opinions.

      You on the other hand show no balance, no humility, and no evidence of being anything other than somebody who once saw a moody TH14 shirt being sold in a Bangalore bazaar and decided that Arsenal were the team for you.

      Did we deserve to win the EPL last season? No. Do we currently deserve to be in a CL spot and assume that it is our right (as you do).

      Absolutely not. Still not going to tell us about how you fell in love with the club that you profess to support with such 'quality'?

      I doubt it... tell me again how it doesn't matter.

    • We keep talking about passing Villa for 4th spot but we`re the same amount of points from 3rd!And Chelski look vulnerable.

    • We keep talking about overtaking Villa for 4th spot but we`re the same amount of points from 3rd place!

    • sorry love, i dont do men.

      i heard it from the grapevine that george michael and his longtime partner kenny goss are having problems in their relationship

      try getting your cv ready before its too late, you may be more lucky with michael.

      i've got to go now, catchya soon!

    • Still waiting for a response, Freddy:

      "When I or anyone else started supporting Arsenal is irrelivant and none of your business. What matters is the quality of my support"

      Oh but Freddy, I think it is. You knock anybody who doesn't adhere to the mindless unquestioning of club policy and the decisions that are made... which are financed by us! Your 'I know more than you" attitude is frankly ridiculous.

      In avoiding this question so regualrly you are not demonstrating the 'quality of your support' whatsoever. There are plenty of wind-up merchants on this board looking to goad a response from people, but the true Gooners are prepared to demonstrate that they are genuine in their support. The fact that you aren't renders your credibility to zero.

      Fact of the matter is that your absolute lack of ambition for our club, and lack of understanding of our heritage, doesn't mark you out as a 'true fan' whatsoever.

      Oh yeah... I almost forgot - you were the person that told us all how Russian football would dominate the world-stage, and that a Russian club would have far more potential and global appeal than a top-performing EPL club!!!

      What a joke you are!!!

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