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  • Giles Giles Feb 9, 2009 00:52 Flag

    8.5 Man Arsenal hold out

    Lazy, useless and what Arsene plays him for God only knows. I refer to Bendtner. After Ade was injured and Eboue was correctly given his marching orders Arsene still brings on Bendtner.
    RVP does little enough chasing but Bendtner's contribution was miserable.Denilson disappointed yet again but at least he tries. Nice to see the back four operating so well. 5 if you include Almunia who deserves a medal.
    Well done the rest.

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    • You are being harsh on Bendtner. He was not great but he wasn't his usual self! He was decent enough. But Denilson was miserable! Taking a candy from toddler would have been a challenge compared to how easily he was robbed of possession! And he is supposed to be a holding midfielder.

      As much as we are thrilled about AA joining us. I am worried we still need a holding midfielder. I am sure Ramsey can't do any worse than Denilson is doing at the moment. It would be the right time to give this lad a chance. "If" we are going to lose out on number 4 spot at least give lads like Vela and Ramsey a chance. If they get the kind of playing time like Eboue and Denilson they would have acquitted themselves better than the other two. And we would have been a bit better off.

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      • Bendtners role was surely to hold the ball up and wait for players to join him. He failed to do that today. Not surprising.

        Team overall did no better than OK to get a draw.

        Denilson is an enigma. Not sure what he does for the team. He certainly tried hard and he usually does it anonymously.

        Song have a bad first half, but improved a bit. Maybe his sluggish look is deceptive. He huffs and puffs about, rarely looks like he is actually sprinting and rarely gets a real tackle in. Not good enough to be an Arsenal player.

        Dudu and AA not ready yet and certainly not whilst we were clinging on to a point.

    • I thought Bendtner did ok today and definitely didn't see lack of effort there.. would expect the yards covered stats to bear this out as he was dropping deep a bit as well. He's still very young to be leading the line. Agree he needs to improve, but I do think he will get more effective.

      Maybe you were at the match, If so I'm sure you had a better view of his overall play than I had on TV.

      Denilson looked out of sorts today, as did Clichy but then he was being put under a lot of pressure by Lennon.

      I thought most of the team put in a good day's work after Eboue's craziness. I wouldn't be sorry to see the back of him.