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  • Jay Jay Feb 12, 2009 21:17 Flag

    The new defender is here

    The problems with Arsenal listed below are all based upon fact.

    1. You have no trophies and are unlikely to win any this season either.
    2. You are damaging the premiership with your lack of home grown players.
    3. Your lightweight players are about as intimidating as a yorkshire pudding.
    4. There is not a decent tackle anywhere in your midfield.
    5. Fabregas is the most over-rated player in the premiership...what has he done this season?
    6. You won't reach the Champions League this year...Villa have your place and Everton are up your ass.
    7. You are 10 points adrift of the top of the premiership.
    8. Your stadium has the atmosphere of a morgue.
    9. Your manager is a whinging french duke.
    10. Your captain gave up his armband to a boy.
    11. Your goalkeeper is so sure that he will never break into his National side (cos he is $%^&) that he has begged Cappello to fix it so he can play for England although Capello hasn't picked him (cos he is $%^&.)
    12. Arshavin is a mercenary who would have played for Spurs if we had matched his insane wage demands. He is about as loyal as a whore.
    13. You are left with French international rejects cos you won't sign any decent english players.
    14. Theo Walcott is a just a glorified greyhound with the skill of Titus Bramble.
    15. You are NOTHING without Henri who abandoned a sinking ship.
    16. You can't beat Spurs home or away recently.
    17. Eboue is a clown. Bentner is a joke. Song is a big bag of excrement.
    18. You haven't won a trophy since 2004. Losers.
    19. Maybe you should resign some of your old players....I hear Tony Adams is looking for a job. Straight swap for Touré.
    20. Flamini, Hleb, Ashley Cole, Reyes, Pires, Henri....all miles better than the $%^& youv'e got now.