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  • Fergies..Babes Fergies..Babes Feb 17, 2009 05:53 Flag

    congrats Eduardo

    brilliant to see a great player come back from a horrific injury. Must be a very satisfying night for a man whose career could of easily been over.

    Congrats from a United fan

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    • nice one, is great to see him back!

    • Congrats also must go to Tom Heaton who did a sterling job in what could have been an 8-0 scoreline. Some fine saves from the Utd youngster.

      Apart from him, and of course Dudu, a special mention must go to Kieran Gibbs who had a stormer of a game. Carlos Vela added another dimension and MUST be considered ahead of Eboue for the next few games.

      The only players who did not have anything to shout about were Song (who gave the ball away cheaply a few times) and our very own Galic Nutter who threw himself at Bothroyd on more than one occassion and in some very dangerous places.

      Toure is definately getting himself back to his best (Captains armband belongs to him). Sagna and Nasri worked the wing to perfection. Denilson picked out some great passes and worked very hard for 65 mins.

      Bendtner would have got a 9 out of ten from me but for a few sitters he missed, and the countless occassions he got his feet tangled up on the ball....again. Fair play to him, he scored a good headed goal, losing his marker in a great move. He also ran all night (which is something we don't see Ade doing lately) 7and a half/10.

      With Cesc/Arshavin/Rosicky to come, I do belive we may have enough to get in amongst the top four again by the end of the season.

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      • An excellent post john, and a good and fair assessment of performance.

      • what a difference one player makes to a team eduardo. we were magnificent last night. it was the old Arsenal flowing football, edu was just world class. next week cesc will be training and walcott back after 2 weeks oh and ash.

        got to mention Bischoff what a good player, arsene has said he is a DM he looked class.
        agree with John there isnt a place for eboue.
        Come ON The Arsenal.

      • Very good assesment of the game there John, I thought Gibbs did very well but Cardiff didn't really have much of a go at him. I'd like to see how he copes under a bit more pressure. Song was sloppy but Denilson was focused and moved the ball well. Bendtner did work much harder than usual which I did like to see, but he was again wasteful in front of goal.

        I'd also like to mention Bischoff, who I thought looked dangerous going forward, picking up the ball between the midfield and the front men. He reminded me a lot of Cesc, very calm in possesion and under pressure, and finding passes easily.

      • Thanks Capital of Trophies... I can't quite pick who you are, but i'm sure that we must have chatted in the past.

        As my amazing and very beautiful Dutch girlfriend would say:

        Eduardo: Goed Verdommer!

        That's 'God Dammit' to me and you.

        But allow me this indiscretion - i'm pissed and very happy for the boy right now!!!!

    • Thanks for that Hull, a true sportsman, and I'm sure Eduardo would appreciate it.
      As a life long gunner I have always taken my hat off to Man.Utd, it would be a sorry PL without them.