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  • The Londoners The Londoners Feb 17, 2009 19:21 Flag

    anti arsenal / ten nil

    To all those sqealing anti arsenal halfwits on this board, last nights result and performance must have been like a kick in the groin to you. And lets put a little more perspective on this shall we.. that was only with the inclusion of Eduardo. Think about it. If I were Villa and Chelsea fans looking at the Arsenal bench to come, I would start to feel just a little sick and worried.
    Know what I mean?
    Oh and did you see the Cardiff manangers face afterwards, what a picture. But it was good of him to be so gracious in defeat. ' It wasn't Arsenal, but we didn't play to our potential ' . Completely ignoring the fact that it should have, could have been ten nil.

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    • Keep the faith dave, it's white knuckle time for the ones above us.
      It's not quite dark for them yet, but it's getting there. Know what I mean. Now is not the time to lose it dave., or as the man said, you're in a world of pain.

    • do you reckon these fans are Arsenal fans dodge,

      fill your BOOTS son.

    • Excellent post Mel. We need more of it on this board to step on the knockers.

    • You need to have just a little more faith decker. I, and many of us older ones from the North Bank remember the real bad times, and I cant say this enough. Arsene Wenger is the best thing to have happened for Arsenal since sliced bread. Nothing last for ever, and like the folding money in your pocket it sometimes turns to loose change, and you start to build it again, not hope that it will get better, but know that it will. Thats the difference between a supporter with faith, and one like yourself. I've walked away from Highbury on many occasions when it would have seemed that all hope was gone, but we still came back for more. So don't talk to us about 'true supporters' or your bleating about the if's and when's. Get some backbone and start believing. It might help.

    • There are plenty of other examples you could mention too, Evra and Anderson for example have uissed alot of games this year to injury/suspension, we've really suffered in that respect, but not moaned or had the right too, as Fergie has got us well prepared as Eric says.

      Its the strongest squad the prem has ever seen, although chelski might argue under Mourinho it was just as strong in the beginning.

      Either way, we can handle any loss to a player, in any position. You lot knew Rosicky was out for the season, same with Eduardo, and still Wenger did nothing, well not nothing, he did sell 3 of your best players!

      Grow a brain fabongrass.

    • I have not intentionally side-stepped anything.

      United has had Ronaldo out at start of the season - 7 weeks, Hargreaves all season, Scholes for 3 months, Rooney for 2 months, Rio, Carrick, etc, etc.

      We have coped because we have a squad of quality players, and youngsters coming through unlike Arsenal that has a paper-thin squad and very few youngsters, if any, Wenger is prepared to play in the EPL.

    • personally i think man utd would be lost without ronaldo, never mind a whole host of other attacking players.

    • Rosicky out for whole season too, Theo out since Nov, and then Cesc.
      Miraculously, RVP has stayed fit but another key injury waiting to happen.
      That little lot is pretty much our creative dept.
      Maybe Man U could cope with such injuries who knows, do not think the other teams above us could though.

    • believe what you have just done is side step the point raised myself, if not, then read it properly.

    • fabongrass, do you really want me to list the injuries United has had this season?

      You've had one player out for most of the season - Eduardo - who wasn't even first choice anyway.

      The reason United is where it is this season is because it has what's called a 'squad'; you know, more than one quality player capable of filling a position. I know it's an alien concept to Arsenal who like to run on a thread-bare group of players.

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