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  • Xavier C Xavier C Feb 22, 2009 04:18 Flag

    A big loss

    2 more points today was vital but we did not manage to do it.
    I heard AW saying that our passing was not incisive enough. We as fans have the right to ask him the question why and more importantly what did you do to rectify the problem during the game.
    We controlled the game, our possession and defence security all was there to be seen.
    After an hour AW makes a mistake, he replaces Arshavin and bring on Vela.
    Sunderland had 1 striker and we kept 4 defenders to deal with him !!!!!!! Sagna-toure-gallas-clichy.
    I expected AW to take off clichy and give 30 minutes to Vela and replace Denilson with Eboue, yes Eboue.
    A 3-4-3 formation was going to allow Arshavin to last another 30 minutes on his debut.with
    we were going to find what we were missing, as Nasri in the middle is better than Nasri in the wing especially when the team is in need of a goal.
    we lost the chance to close the gap but let's see next week after we gained 1 point in the running, and Villa is feeling the pressure too,they did not have a good week either.
    March will reveal everything and I am willing to wait until the end of March before I throw in the towel.

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    • I agree 100% with putting Nasri in the middle (or AA).

      We need a creative player in the middle untill Cesc returns.

      I don't understand with both AA and Nasri on the pictch why neither of these guys played in the middle.

      Song-Denilsson had trouble keep the pace of the game high enough to trouble the Sunderland defense.

    • I am glad that the sunderland game came before the ROMA game.
      We now know and AW knows what isn't working. Yes we are missing players and talented players but I feel the attitude is not right.
      I blame the manager for it. Let me explain myself: AW has given Eboue more chances than Vela. AW wait till the last 15 minutes to make a change (fulham,stoke,sunderland away...).
      I told a friend at the Emirates that Sunderland are looking more dangerous than us even though our possession was excellent.
      Last monday ,when we played Cardiff we had Eduardo,he gave us movement ,He is good at holding the ball and He always smells opportunity around the opposition box.
      His presence made Bendtner look a decent player. RVP is not like Eduardo, he is more like an individual type of a player. He thinks for himself first before he chooses an option.
      RVP can create a goal out of nothing,Eduardo can do the same but bendtner and adebayor can't.
      This is why omitting Vela from the starting line-up is difficult to comprehend. Vela is just like EDU. When Vela plays with Bendtner, Bendy becomes decently dangerous.
      Against Roma,we need to score at least 2 goals and keep a clean sheet.
      with edu and adebayor out,I am praying for Diaby to be fit and fill in the second striker role in a 5 midfield position just behind RVP with on the left wing supporting RVP.
      if diaby is still injured then,AW needs to play Eboue and Vela on the wing with Denilson and nasri in the middle and make sure that we don't concede at home until adebayor and eduardo are back.
      If Diaby is still injured then

    • Arsha was never going to last the full 90mins on his debut in the EPL. He was barely match fit when he arrived the other week.

    • Good post gunneresque. Only dirty rats desert a sinking ship, which is probably why we have some of the fake Man Utd. supporters on this board

    • Sorry I did not mean Denilson but Song as Denilson was my man of the match.

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      • Xavier mate, me like most Arsenal fans have pretty much said we aint going to get top 4, if we cant beat the likes of sunderland at home then we havent got a cat in house chance..... the only plus point was Arshavin looking threatning, but until we start scoring goals weve got no chance..... 16 shots compared to 3 at old trafford against sunderland wouldve been at least 3-0.... thats why we wont win the league.... we have got no killer instinct.... man utd yet again ground out a result tonight with ronaldo scoring the winner

        The best we can hope for is top 6 finish and a trophy like the Champions League or the FA Cup... but if we aint Champions league next season dont expect our big players to stay.... especially with Van Persie saying he wants to stay, money isnt an option but we gotta match ambitions... and if that is building a team then im afraid we can say goodbye to RVP.