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  • Ahmad K Ahmad K Feb 23, 2009 22:14 Flag

    Fergie Echoes MY Sentiments: You Lack BALANCE!!!

    Arsene Wenger has sucessfully completed the cycle of taking us where we were before he came. He failed to reinforce the team like Fergie when we were a formidable team; then gets obsessed with Mourinho and his kid/bargain basement experiment and keeps making excuses instead of recognizing his failings. Much of our current predicament is down to him and the board. We should not forget that this board and those in the past have always been notorious dismantling teams for money. Just look at the teams of the early 70's; Graham's team of 91 and the last few years' teams. But at the end of the day if we do not make it to the ECL next year Wenger probably has to go. I said at the beginning of the season this is his last chance saloon. Letting Diarra go for peanuts is still a great frustration for me.