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    We all know it!
    But when is Wenger going to finally admit it and change!
    It's ok buying above average young foriegn talent but what's the point!
    They come here learn their trade and when they develop and get valuble experience they're off!
    It's not too clever to give such ammuniton to your rivals!
    Look at Man U. They have home based players who stick around at the club and pass on their passion,loyalty,experience on to the foriegn players who arrive there.
    Wenger,stop this torture of Arsenal! The only loyalties and passion are coming from the terraces!

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    • There's no mixture there.
      It's a strange team. All playing for themselves if you ask me and not for the club.
      Some of them will be off soon when the time comes that they want to move on.
      It's not wise from Wenger though because this experimnet is winning nothing.
      Arsenal have dropped down a level with this foreign experiment. The level is now the same as Villa and Everton. Soon maybe it will drop down further.
      We have all seen the games v Suderland,West Ham,Spurs,Man City,Hull,Fulham,etc,etc.
      Best chance is always going to be in Europe but if Arsenal drop more their place in Europe will be gone.
      February and 18 points off the top! WOW! It's not working is it!

    • How many foreign youngsters have been developed at Arsenal only to leave in their prime?

      Anelka - As good as he was, it was the right move to get rid of him when we did.

      Overmars - wasn't exactly a spring chicken when he left.

      Petit - Didn't set the world alight after he left us either.

      Upson - There's one we could do with now, but he took his time getting there.

      Von Bronckhorst - Ashley Cole?

      Pennant - No comment required.

      Bentley - ha ha ha

      Lets face it. Apart from Diarra, I don't think there are many that we have regretted selling, or that wanted to leave before we wanted them to go or were still rising in terms of talent.

    • manu bought most of there english talent at prices we simply cannot afford

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      • Looking at the success they've had though with it makes it worth while to spend that little bit more.
        When their were English players available in the transfer window Wenger ignored them.
        He uses the expensive price thing a lot!
        Arsenal are top 4! This brings in money and also attracts attention from players looking for a good club to go to.