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  • The Londoners The Londoners Feb 25, 2009 18:00 Flag

    Eboue and The Miss!

    No. I.m not having it that Eboue is bad.. Although I, along with a million Arsenal supporters screamed with disbelief at that miss, you have to look at it from a players point of view. Whether or not you are watching from the comfort of your armchair at home,( like many on this board) or in the stands, if you have ever found the ball suddenly at your feet in front of goal, and if only a handful of people were watching, and all you have to do is get round one defender and the goalkeeper, odds are you will miss. Unless you are one of the few gifted players around today, who can keep their head while all about them has lost theirs. No, it ain't easy.

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    • He had defenders on his right, space on his left, he took too long, chose to go right to get it on his best foot, moved into the two defenders and they closed him down. I have watched Eboue for a long time, he does have a great touch at times and can run with the ball, physically he's OK, but he doesn't have a good enough football brain. He goes down blind alleys, takes one too many touches, and his acting skills are embarassing. Second RB but midfield, we have much better.