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  • The Londoners The Londoners Mar 1, 2009 02:40 Flag

    Bring Back George and One Nil to the Arsenal

    You're right of course Paul, I was away working for my country and could only get back occasionally, but don't be fooled by the post. If I had put 'Perhaps we should' you may have understood the message. You don't mention some of the key points there.Henry was a manipulator and sometimes may as well not have turned up. And man management refered to todays players giving AW the run around, or maybe he really knew what was happening. If so it was his duty to let the fans know. And those relics you speak of were 'men'. Drink or no drink, they didn't f...k around like some today, and then hop into their Ferrari's to meet their boyfriends( sorry mates.) But I have to confess I did not know about the youth team you speak of. That would be the self serving George in play. Thats all I've got to say about that. And another clean sheet today.