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    Bring Back George and One Nil to the Arsenal

    Unless the Gunners can stage a remarkable come back and save AW's season from becoming an injury ridden bloody disaster, heads could roll, and arses kicked in the direction of the door, players as well, and perhaps calls will start for new management. There has been quite a few of you on this board who have been baying for blood since things have gone belly up at the Emirates, lol; so what better time to bring back our George G. sacked for what was a minor indiscretion (that must have made A Ferg. laugh) and perhaps by some dark forces within, who wanted AW in anyway. Maybe.
    However, my point is, with his defensive nous, would he have allowed this situation Arsenal are now in, to have happened? I don't think so. And before you condemn him, lets not forget some of the remarkable results he achieved in his time. To have to go to Liverpool and put two goals past them to win the championship, is one that springs to mind. Other things come to mind regarding player management. George G. would never have allowed Henry to pull the wool over his eyes as he did with AW. Remember the day after the Barca debacle, and the farce he played out. ' Henry commits to Arsenal for another four years. We will be back ! ' Viera, same story, along with one or two others. Make no mistake, George was an Arsenal man through and through, as manager and player, and no matter what AW may say, his true colors lay in France. So, lets be hearing it for the return of the prodigal son and One Nil to the Arsenal.

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    • You obviously have absolutely no memory of the GG years. I do. I was on the North Bank for the entire GG era. Yes, there was some initial success and some wonderful results. But GG let his squad become drunkards (great man management), ripped apart and destroyed one of the great youth systems in football, something that took a decade to rebuild (by the time GG left we were fielding Reserve teams with an average age of 27, compared with an average age of 18 now), almost led us to relegation, allowed one of the great youth crops - that was coming through just as he took over - of recent generations (Adams, Keown, Merson, Rocastle, Thomas) to go unfulfilled, and brought in players the quality of Jimmy Carter, Eddie McGoldrick and Jon Jensen while allowing players like Shearer and Keane, both of whom wanted to come to Arsenal, to go to other clubs.

      GG brought me some great memories. I was there when the great "George Knows" banner was unfurled at the Clock End and I thought "indeed he does" just like all the other fans present that day. But he had to go in the end, and the club have now moved so far past the GG era that those days now seem positively prehistoric.

      GG is a relic of what football in this country used to be.

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      • You're right of course Paul, I was away working for my country and could only get back occasionally, but don't be fooled by the post. If I had put 'Perhaps we should' you may have understood the message. You don't mention some of the key points there.Henry was a manipulator and sometimes may as well not have turned up. And man management refered to todays players giving AW the run around, or maybe he really knew what was happening. If so it was his duty to let the fans know. And those relics you speak of were 'men'. Drink or no drink, they didn't f...k around like some today, and then hop into their Ferrari's to meet their boyfriends( sorry mates.) But I have to confess I did not know about the youth team you speak of. That would be the self serving George in play. Thats all I've got to say about that. And another clean sheet today.