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  • The Londoners The Londoners Mar 1, 2009 08:10 Flag

    Boo's At The Emirates ! ?

    Another clean (empty) sheet, and now there must be mutterings in the camp tonight, and can our chief keep his air of gallic nonchalance about the situation for much longer. He would have been well aware of the boo's after the game, and have been reminded just how loyal fans can be. You can't give the British caviare for years, and then feed them sardines on toast, and expect them to remain loyal for F..ck sake.

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    • Not scoring goals and not getting maximum points is a cause for worry for every Arsenal supporter considering the position that we are in at this crucial time of the season. I hope there are some lessons that Monsiuer Wenger has learnt from this season. Never allow all your experienced players to leave all at once and have boys only to do a mans job. Look at Man United, they still have some few old bones in Giggs, Gneville and Scholes who have been instrumental in some of the Man United games and these are gradually being replaced by good upcoming youngsters. I was watching the Inter Roma games yesterday and I still saw the Viera of old whoc could have still been useful and influencial in the young Arsenal team.

      We have a crop of young talented players who can not just score and we have had to rely on Van Persie. Where are the others? In those days goals could come from the Dutch Master, Henry, Viera, Lumberg, Pires, Edu and even Sol. Nowadays they are so difficult to come by. Understandably so now that the other teams have learnt to be defensive. Look at some of the lucky results that Man U have been grinding, 1-0. Unfortunately we do not have plan B when we meet such teams. There are very few Arsenal players who can score from outside, Nasri, Rosicky and Van Persie.

      Denilson has been given a lot of opportunities, I still feel the shoes are too big for him. I think we need experienced midfiled players who can dictate the game like Murphy D did in the game against Fulham. We need a midfield player who can not be bulldozed like that, someone in the mould of Romaric of Sevilla or Viera. Our players also need to give more and dig deep. the fighting spirit is waning. Look at what Rooney, Park, Carrick, Tevez, Rio and Vidid do for Man U, that is the spirit that is lacking. You look at Songs demenour its so betraying.

      No one can fault Almunia

      Pull up your socks Gunners. We can climb the ladder

    • Well I'll second that last statement John, but they will need to start playing for the shirt and get stuck in to start knocking them in again. There was no attempt to ruffle up that Fulham mid field or any other two banks of four that come to the Emirates. Fabregas is sadly missed and hurry back Eduardo and Walcott. The Mancs and Spuds was about as entertaining as watching paint dry today. But it had its up side. I had a little on 0 -0 fulltime, and Man U to win a penalty shoot out. Who would have thought they would do an Arsenal supporter a favour.lol;

    • Ditto the previous 4 Premiership games John.

      The way to get 3 points is to score more goals than the other team.
      A fundamental flaw in the team if you cannot score ANY goals.

      I would love to know what AW is doing about it.

      They've got themselves in a deep rut and the fans can't see a way out at the moment.

      We look like a mid table team - nowhere near top 4 quality.

      Getting into the top 4 is out side of our control now and relies on another team to really dip in form whilst we have to go on a run of wins.

      Hopefully starting Tuesday.

    • the difference is paying £50+ to go and watch them play like shite. Every supporter has the right to boo or cheer them when they pay the money to go and watch them

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      • I dunno if you watched the same game i watched but we didn't play shit. Our play was fine, passes were good most crosses were fine it was just our luck was out on finishing. Van Persie is gonna score a minimum of two goals the next game he scores in and Nasri and Arshavin will get one each at least soon.

        Personally i dont think the booing will help anythin. Players dont need tellin we are frustrated as fans that we haven't won anything in a while, they feel the same way but they do need to improve in the sense of having a go. Aston Villa drew today which keeps them six points ahead but things could be worse. Its the end of the season soon, players are tiring, squads are depleted, and we have the likes of Walcott, Fabregas and Eduardo looking to come back into the frame. Not to forget Rosicky. Our season isn't over until the last game against Stoke at home on the 24th May. Thats 3months and a possible 33 points up for grabs. We have Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea to play so all those teams can drop points against us as well as Stoke, Middlesbrough, Portsmouth, Wigan, Man City, Newcastle, Blackburn and West Brom. So until Stoke fans should get behind a team who are still in Two cup tournaments and still battling in the league.

    • I think most arsenal fans are loyal- after all when you're a fan , you're a fan- but people paying a lot of money are entitled to boo or otherwise express their dissapointment when they are consistently served up half assed performances from a group of players a fair number of whom either aren't a scratch on Arsenal players from the not too distant past, (Dennilson, Song, Diaby instead of Pires, Viera, Gilberto?) or if they are good enough don't seem to give a sh*t (Adebayor?).
      Whatever happens though I'm sure there will still be 60,000 at the games and those of us who live too far away will still watch the games on TV or SopCast and winge, bitch and moan on this board and all the others...

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      • Good post Rob, since when does booing your team make you disloyal bananaman?

        Its that sort of Wengerite garbage thats causing you problems at the Emirates. No ones allowed to slag wenger off because of all the great things he's done.....Talk about digging your own grave.

        The fans pay good money to be entertained, they are the ones who wear the club on their sleeves, follow them through the good times and bad, see managers and players come and go through their lifetime, and they have a right to show their disappointment.

        When Wenger is back in Paris in ten years living with Thierry sucking frogs legs, the likes of Swerve and co will still be watching their team play second fiddle to Man United!

        Every club has a minority of plastics, but when we talk of fans we aren't including them are we? The real fans dont think twice about leaving to support some other side, its not an issue, which is why Im always amazed to see the issue constantly come up here!

        And its always the same people who mention it....