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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 16, 2009 03:01 Flag

    you ower your north London brothers!!

    Fab ..behave mate, we'd have been well chuffed had you lot done us some favour in the league at some stage had we needed it, come on admit it, you were dying for us to beat Villa today, thats natural ...whatever team you follow.....you wnat the team threatening your postion to lose ...anyhow looking forward to another set of north London derbies next year ......personally I think your gonna do ok in the CL

    • You got me wrong, yeah, corse i wanted you lot to beat villa, and congrats on doing so, but if you think i should be grateful??? nah, not me, the yiddish faithful have been goading arsenal all season with regards to the top four and i aint about to start saying thank you to spurs, its down to OUR good play and certainly not spurs, i wouldnt expect spurs fans to be thanking gooners whenever we beat a team the yids see as competition and i cant see the problem.

      Dont get me wrong, i,m not having a dig at you,or spurs,its just that i,m not grateful.

      Having said that, the league wouldnt be the same without the north london derbies your right, said ages ago spurs would be staying up, top four place isnt arsenals yet, but hope we claim one for sure.